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Meet The Credit Assist Founder, Loren Leon

Loren Leon knew success was inevitable. The thirty-one-year-old business mogul’s roots originate from the Dominican Republic. Building her business from the ground up as an illegal immigrant, she embodies the definition of a success story. TheCreditAssist.com has flourished by converting into a lucrative six-figure earning business.

Growing up, she wasn’t fortunate enough to be educated on financial literacy on credit or consumer laws. Self-education and seeking knowledge to move forward with her business, she became her own client. 

In 2020, Loren purchased her first retail property. As the monetary value of her business increased, Loren started seeing the positive effect she had on her clients. 

During the duration of the COVID pandemic, Loren decided to utilize her credit knowledge as a business. In the initial six months of business, she became a six-figure business earning her first $250,000. In her inauguration year, she put over 150 in their own homes. 

Currently, Loren successfully assembles LLCs, corporations, and business credit for others seeking assistance. Her primary focus is accommodating aspiring business owners to create a passive income stream utilizing business credit.


Tammy: When did you first begin to educate yourself about financial literacy, credit, and consumer laws? Also, when did you realize this was the lane you wanted to dive into and learn more about?

Loren: When I hit rock bottom, I had a 387 score and said there is no way I’m going to be broke and fucked up. I realized this is what I wanted to do when I helped my clients buy their first house.

Tammy: What knowledge can you share with our readers about credit, business credit, or any financial tips that should be under their radar right now?

Loren: The first step in getting credit is removing anything negative that can associate you with the negative accounts. That includes addresses, phone numbers, etc.

Tammy: Living paycheck to paycheck can become very difficult in a world where prices continue to go up. However, many people are still afraid to take the risk and start their own companies. What would you say to those who wish they could take a leap of faith as you did?

Loren: If you are looking for a sign, this is it. I rather work 80 hours a week than build someone else’s dream.

Tammy: What are you currently working on?

Loren: I now offer an Airbnb locator service. I can help those secure their first unit.

Tammy: Fill in the blank.

Q: My Black Business helps…

Loren: Change lives.

Q: Being a Black Business Owner is important because.. 

Loren: apart from being black, I’m a woman and a woman in power. Most of us don’t make it far.

Q: You should support Black Owned Businesses because.. 

Loren: You already support celebrities that you don’t know, so support something that can help you live financially free.

Tammy: What do you hope for yourself and your company this year?

Loren: I hope to continue to help those empower themselves, and I hope I can be the change I wish to see in the world.

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