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Melanin on Ice: Dorion Renaud Talks Butta Skin’s Latest Project

A week before Christmas, the Allure Store here in NYC hosted the oh-so-fabulous Dorion Renaud as he launched his winter campaign titled Melanin On Ice. If you are not familiar with his self-care brand, Buttah Skin, my darling, it’s the perfect time to elevate your shades of brown as Melanin On Ice is dedicated to locking in the black excellence that is our skin with its new ultra-hydrating line. 

The Allure Store in Soho was jammed packed on December 14th because girls in every hue showed up and out with the warmest intentions of welcoming not only Mr. Renaud, but the forever it girl Cassie Fine. Yes, friend! The “Me and You” singer was dubbed Butta Skin’s ambassador for the Melanin On Ice launch. 

Angela Yee, formerly 1/3 of The Breakfast Club and leader of the infamous Lip Service, was our gracious host. So you know the podcaster had to get the fresh-faced duo to spill a bit of tea. Unbeknownst to the crowd, Dorion and Cassie have been friendly for years, so teaming up was a full-circle moment for the two. While Angela got the brains behind the brand chatting, Cassie recalled the days before Mr. Renaud would sit blemish-free before the world. Not only were the snarky remarks super endearing, but they gave truth to the efficacy of the many products Buttah Skin has to offer. 

What I love about Yee’s on-time questions was how candid Mrs. Fine and Mr. Renaud kept it as they delved into how they addressed typical issues concerning our faces. While Cassie is based in LA, she shared how Buttah Skin plays a pivotal role in helping her balance the dryness of the air and the moisture of her skin. Comparing LA’s dryness to present frigid temperatures here in New York solidified Buttah Skin’s “chameleon-esque” ability to adapt to not only melanated dermis but to one’s atmosphere. 

Buttah Skin has products tailored to your need. Take their skin type quiz, and search the site so you, too, can feel as beautiful as Mrs. Fine and as radiant as Dorion himself. 

With winter upon us, Melanin On Ice unveiled this season’s holy grail, CocoShea Revitalizing Cream. This revitalizer combats the harshness of Brick ass temperatures like the ones experienced here in NY, as it offers a fierce moisturizing defense. Don’t forget about them lips! The brand’s Luxe Lip Balm is an absolute must; y’all do know Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Keep it cute sis, and don’t miss a step. Buttah Skin legitimately has you covered from head to toe. 

The brand has a few soaps you should also add to your routine. Polishing Bars are available in the options Black Gold and Oatmeal Shea, but if you are more of a gel kinda girl, opt for the Egyptian Coco Shea body wash. Feeling like the queen you are? I know tf that’s right. Lock it all in with their scented body butter. 

Now, if you are still scrubbing your face with towels or fingertips, let them upgrade you. Check out Buttah Skin’s most innovative product, the Buttah Vibe Brush. This silicone scrubby provides a ‘sonic pulsation’ as it goes deeper than your therapist to provide you with a fresh face. Although I am a BS stan, I had to grab a little sample just to make someone else’s daughter a believer. My swag bag included a cleanser, serum, and facial cream. After all, ’tis the season, sis. You can also expect a line of lusciousness from Cassie Fine herself, so be on the lookout. Something tells me her products will not only be full of passion but also smell like love in a bottle. Um, yes, please! 

Now you know I had to get a one-on-one with Dorion Renaud before I went back out in the cold. Get to know the man behind the brand below. 


Ms. Lee: It’s not everyday men take on the business of skincare. What inspired you to create Buttah Skin? Because it’s not every day that men are involved in skincare. 

Dorion: When they think about skincare, they don’t think about a Black man and beauty, and I just love being black. I love our skin. You know I’m a fan of our skin, so if I can do anything to make our skin better, glow right and feel good, that’s what I wanna do. 

Ms. Lee: As you continue building your legacy through Buttah Skin, what business components do you consider non-negotiable? 

Dorion: I won’t compromise on how the products are made and the aesthetic of the brand. It’s important to maintain the quality as well as the message of the brand to the culture. Our black is beautiful, it’s bomb-amazing, and we deserve the luxury of skincare, the same as anyone else. 

Ms. Lee: I can appreciate your approach to the mantra I’m rooting for everything black. Have you found this to be a struggle or a leg up when securing deals with big brands? 

Dorion: Both, a struggle because I am black and I’m a man. It’s a struggle to secure funds sometimes or to have people take you seriously. My leg up remains in the fact that we need this, and everyone was waiting on it, so it’s been nothing but a celebration. This line wouldn’t be possible if the community weren’t behind it. 

Ms. Lee: Given all you’ve accomplished this far, what do you feel attributed to your success? 

Dorion: Me reaching out to the community as well as the people around me, and actually learning each product and calling on the community played a big part in things. 

Ms. Lee: I love the idea of your pulsating Buttah vibe brush. Can we expect any other technical innovations? 

Dorion: Yes, about twelve new products are coming out next year. 

Ms. Lee: Although you’ve managed to achieve having your products placed in major department stores, do you have any other aspirations for Butta Skin outside of being the standard of skincare? Makeup? Salons?  

Dorion: I would love to open up some flagship stores, but I want Butta to continue to be a lifestyle for as long as we keep growing and learning about each other, Butta could grow into God knows what. 

Ms. Lee: What inspired the “Melanin On Ice” campaign? 

Dorion: Well, it’s cold, and I have melanin. I wanted to show we can maintain our skin throughout the winter and dry months. 

Ms. Lee: How do you balance doing big business and being just Dorian? 

Dorion: I balance by staying grounded in my faith and keeping the audience first. They keep me going, and they keep me inspired. 


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Interview Done by: Jaymi Le | Jaymi Le is currently living a Bichie lifestyle in the streets of Brooklyn. She writes, produces and talks her ish effortlessly. Follow all things me @talktomslee_ . Remember to keep it cute, I might be talking about you on


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