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Melody Shari: From Reality TV to Music and Entrepreneurship – A Conversation on Self-Care and Success

I had the pleasure of speaking with the phenomenal, multi-talented reality TV star Melody Shari as she opened up about her dynamic career, her commitment to self-care, and the various projects that have kept her moving and shaking in the entertainment and business world. Known for her appearances on shows like “Love and Marriage Huntsville,” Melody’s journey from reality TV to entrepreneurship, fashion, skincare, and music is nothing short of inspiring.


She Wears Many Hats

Melody’s career is remarkable and testimony to the resilience of women everywhere. She’s ventured into diverse fields, from business and real estate to television, film, fashion, and even skincare. When asked about her ability to juggle so many different roles, she attributes it to her work ethic and time management.

“I start my days very early, and usually, my days are very long. I literally try to utilize every second of the day. I went through that phase where I would wake up the next day and be like, Oh, man, if I had stayed up one more hour, I could have got this done,” or “If I had gotten up one hour earlier, I could have accomplished this. And I don’t like that feeling. I’m always working to get stuff done, and I multitask a lot. So, multitasking is huge for me. Usually, my mind is multitasking, and my body and hands are multitasking, and that’s how I move and shake. Honestly, anything worth having, you know what I’m saying, is worth working hard for, if it were easy everybody would be doing it. 

Melody on Self-Care

Despite her busy schedule, Melody emphasizes the importance of self-care. She believes that one must make time for self-care, even on the busiest days.  We discussed how she finds to get it all done.

Oh, I’ll make it fit! With everything that you have to do on a daily basis, just all of us as people, it would seem like there’s no time for self-care. I feel like self-care is something you have to make time for. It’s funny you’re asking me that.  So, for example, last night, literally, I got a massage starting at 10:30 p.m. My massage therapist came here and started setting up at ten. I got on that table at 10:30, and I was there till 12:30. Now, my children were already in bed because they went to bed by 9:00. So I got them in the bed, took my shower, did my little straightening up I needed to do, and then I took time for me to make sure that I’m well and that I’m whole mentally, emotionally, and physically. Because if I’m not whole, I can’t operate and do what God has called me to do. 

7th Avenue Beauty

Melody’s skincare line, 7th Avenue Beauty, was created to cater to busy women who need effective and efficient skincare routines. She believes that taking care of your skin should not be a time-consuming process. Her products are designed for multitasking and quick results.

“You can be picking out your work outfit for tomorrow while doing your skincare or folding clothes… that goes back to the multitasking piece… A skincare routine is self-care in and of itself. If that’s all you can do throughout the day, that’s enough.”


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