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Mireille Explains What Led Her to Co-Authoring “Unshakable Faith”

Mireille Toulekima is an award-winning entrepreneur, thought-leader, global energy expert, author, international speaker, talk show host and producer, magazine editor and women empowerment advocate. She is a multi-talented woman whose versatility and accomplishments across diverse disciplines has earned her global recognition. This global touch is visible in her entrepreneurial ventures, engineering career, leadership and coaching, publishing and other related endeavors she actively engages in. Aside from her current role as a top-notch executive and partner to several global ventures and organizations, Mireille belongs to the emerging class of women who have embraced non-traditional industries, globalization, innovation and digital disruption as well as philanthropy, spiritual consciousness and mindfulness.

How would you describe your swagher? What makes you who you are?

I have a unique story of triumph. From very humble beginnings to becoming a global voice and an inspiration for many around the world. A story that led me to experience diversity at its core from a young age and made me understand the power of embracing God guidance and purpose for my life in order to create an environment of sustainable growth conducive for building a positive spirit and mindset of a champion in time of great challenges and trials. Born in the Republic of Gabon (West Africa), I left my family when I was 15-years-old to continue secondary school in France while boarding with a French family. I have since worked, lived and visited more than 35 countries and learnt so much from the cultures and people I’ve come across. That’s the authenticity I bring and what makes me who I am!

Why did you decide to take part in the Unshakable Faith anthology?

I decided to be part of the Unshakable Faith anthology because I wanted to share a very challenging, but pivotal moment of my life and how this moment has strengthened my faith in God and pushed me to the accomplishment of extraordinary things, led me to understand the unlimited power I had inside of me and contributed to me becoming the best ME. Building on this pivotal experience, I realized that being part of the Unshakable Faith anthology was an opportunity to reinforce the need to step into the power and greatness that God makes available to us free of charge to become the best version of ourselves. 

Can you describe a time when your faith was challenged but you stood tall?

My faith was challenged when I lost my dad twenty-seven years ago. It was one of the worst times in my life. I had a special bond with my dad. He was my mentor and hero! I was lost when he departed this world. I was twenty-four years old when he died, and a few days from graduating. In pain, broken and without any financial support, I called on God to give me the strength necessary to carry on with my graduation and help me stay focused on continuing my Dad’s legacy despite the adversity I was going through. 

In fact, God drew me closer to Him through this tragedy and made me understand His power in my life. Through losing the person I loved so much and who counted the most in my life, God showed me He was the only one who could heal me and give me back my joy and happiness. He led me to an unshakable faith that transcends any limitations. That unshakable faith has now been with me for twenty-seven years!

How do you view your work as a vocation—a call from and a duty to God?

I definitely view my vocation as a call and a duty to God. Before the death of my dad, I had never imagined myself working in the energy sector and becoming the 1st Petroleum Engineer Female of Gabon (my country of origin). It was because of my dad’s death that I was pushed to start a career in the energy sector. Out of necessity and desperation, I had to leave school and forget my dream of doing a Master in Sciences to find a job to sustain both myself and my family financially. Little did I know that God was assigning me a duty and pushing me to create a trail where there was none. He was preparing me to step into a new arena.

What was the writing process like for you?

I enjoyed the process. It took me only a few hours to come up with the write up of my chapter. It was also a way to reflect again on the power of God in my life. I felt his presence and the presence of my dad when I was writing my chapter. The writing process did empower me spiritually.

Have you authored any other books? If so, please list them. 

I have authored 4 others books

1- Local Content Key Enabler For Oil & Gas Projects in Emerging Markets: Investing, Developing and Providing Oversight In Countries of Operation

2- Stepping Into Your Greatness: Twelve Rules For Building An Outstanding Life

3- Natural Gas Strategies: the role of developing and emerging markets

4- BLUEPRINTS FROM HEAVEN by EVAN ROSALIND L WILLIS (Author), ELD TOMMY W WILLIS SR. (Author) (I am one of the featuring 18 co-authors) 

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In Unshakable Faith: These stories are from women who are indeed, pearls of great price, who have encountered trials and tribulations that challenged their faith, but, you will see that their faith was indeed, “Unshakable”. Minister Allison G. Daniels and several other women have shared stories from the heart as to how they had to redirect their emotions, redefine who God said they were, and their journey of being renewed, thus, allowing God to make a victorious difference in their lives, all to His glory. Visionary Author Allison G. Daniels, Temesha Siler-McNeill, Ifeoma Esonwune, Mireille Toulekima,  Dr. Daphne Soares, Vanessa Spence, Sheila Farr, Dr. Essie McKoy, Evangelist Bertha Wilson, Evangelist Tamala Coleman, Rev. Suzette Hampton, Deacon Gizelle Taylor-Daniels, Syreeta Moody, Shirley Murphy, Ruth Thomas-Oshun.
New Book Release: 6/23/2022



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