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New Multicultural Beauty And Self-Care Brand, The Makeup Drawer, Launches Nationwide

Courtney Dionne, a passionate beauty enthusiast and the founder of Smooch Me, a successful lip care line, is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated launch of her new brand, The Makeup Drawer. This innovative online makeup and beauty brand offers a diverse range of affordable beauty products and essentials, empowering creative minds to express their individuality and artistic talent.

Dionne is making waves in the beauty industry, and it all started with a tube of lipstick. Her initial brainchild, Smooch Me by Dionne, served as a remarkable stepping stone in her journey.

Over the years, Dionne has had the pleasure of attending numerous makeup shows and connecting with makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts worldwide, whose invaluable support helped bring exposure to her products. Notably, her involvement as a sponsor and makeup artist assistant for the makeup department in the esteemed Augusta Fashion Week propelled her motivation to expand the brand, concreting her participation in the first beauty expose this summer called The Black Beauty Expo, In Atlanta, Georgia.

As a woman-owned, multicultural beauty brand, Dionne is on a mission to inspire self-expression, promote self-love, and conquer self-doubt and adversity. “The Makeup Drawer was born out of my desire to broaden my brand by offering a wider range of beauty products and essentials,” explains Dionne. “I firmly believe that my company provides a solution to the self-doubt that individuals may face by creating a brand that celebrates the intersection of beauty and self-care.”

The Makeup Drawer is dedicated to providing luxurious beauty essentials at affordable prices without compromising quality. With its diverse selection of high-quality makeup products and beauty essentials, the brand caters to the unique needs of every individual, including self-care items, lipsticks, glosses, and eyelashes. In the near future, The Makeup Drawer will also introduce a diverse collection of foundations to accommodate all skin types, tones, and textures.

Customers can conveniently shop for the brand’s products through its user-friendly website, bringing the beauty experience directly to their homes.

With the launch of The Makeup Drawer, Dionne strives to make beauty accessible to all and foster a community where makeup serves as a stress reliever, encouraging individuals to pause and prioritize self-care.


About The Makeup Drawer: 

The Makeup Drawer is an American cosmetics brand founded in 2020 by Beauty Consultant Courtney Dionne. Based in Georgia, the company is dedicated to offering affordable yet high-quality products that promote self-care through the art of makeup. The Makeup Drawer’s diverse range of cosmetics and beauty essentials is available for purchase through their website. To purchase The Makeup Drawer’s products or learn more about the brand, visit their website at


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