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New Year’s Reset: Step Three – Get Your House in Order in 2022

The ol’ folks would say, “Get your house in order for the new year”. Order in a house can really bring a wonderful vibration and help any SwagHer Boss think clearly and be more at ease. That is why we have decided to dedicate STEP THREE of the New Year’s Reset to your home. 

Here are a few tips to consider when getting your house in order.  

Tip #1: Organize and organize well! There is one thing to clean, but it is another thing to take time to organize and put things in proper places. This will create clarity and peace in your mind knowing that you can literally put your hand on something without rummaging through a ton of “stuff”. Social media is full of influencers that focus solely on home organization and organizational tools. From the kitchen to the bathroom, an organized home can alleviate a lot of stress. 

Tip #2: THROW AWAY WHAT YOU DON’T NEED!!!!! Spend time REALLY going through papers, clothes, etc. The “Pack Rat” syndrome is real and due to the climate of our land, many have started or grown stronger in this habit. We have experienced very difficult times, however, it is important to NOT hang on to things that we don’t need! Leave room for positive things, beautiful additions, and even new items that will not collect dust but ADD to your home in a GOOD way! Sorry for the CAPS, however, studies have proven that this habit-forming behavior can be a result of deeper issues and the last thing we want is MORE issues! Let’s address this! 

Tip #3: Make your home a place where you can just “relax”. We are all so busy with life, however, life is supposed to be lived well. Make your home a relaxing place, with a getaway feel! I know for some, this may not be feasible, however, maybe a room can be designated instead. Big, fluffy pillows, nice plush throw blankets, and even scented candles can add so much to your home and your life! Think comfort and things you would find in your favorite hotel. Don’t have a favorite hotel? Google “Most Comfortable Hotels and Hotel Rooms” and trust me, you will find what you need!  

Tip #4: The interior design world is pushing clean lines and neutral colors. Not a sterile look, but a very chic and modern appeal to your home. Evaluate the colors you are using in your home and ask yourself, “How do I feel?” Colors speak to the mind, body, and soul of a person. Studies have shown that soft, neutral colors in the home can really help with the emotional stability of a person. 


Tip #5: Sensible furniture pieces that are rounded are definitely in for the new year and can give a rich look and feel. Think about adding a new piece or two (or an entirely new set) to update your home. 

Tip #6: Plantlife is a must for 2022, having to care for something that is alive and growing! Plants aid in cleaner air and since COVID, interior designers and horticulturalists swear by adding them to your home decor.

Tip #7: Last but not least, your home office space! If you are working from home, the same tips apply to your home office space as well! Make your home office space a place of productivity and somewhere worth going to! The last thing you need in 2022 is stress from 2021 spilling over into the new year. So, on that note, clean up, organize, paint, add inspiring trinkets, make it sleek and even add a plant! You are the Boss! 

Sabrina Espere Carrington

Sabrina Espere Carrington @sabrinaespere| Born and raised in our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., Sabrina Espere Carrington has always been around creatives, writers, artists and powerful women in business. As a little girl, Sabrina enjoyed writing poetry and even short stories. Little did she know that she would grow to love writing and have the desire to become a columnist/magazine writer. In addition to her writing, Sabrina is also a motivational speaker and Women’s Empowerment Coach. She has been featured on numerous podcasts, live talk shows, and radio broadcasts. Since the Pandemic, Sabrina has been a sought after expert- giving advice and encouragement to listeners around the world. She has been interviewed by some of the best hosts in the media.


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