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No Pressure, No Diamond

Diamond Jack was the fan favorite of Love is Blind’s first season. She navigated the process of finding love in the pods sequestered from her love interest and without the benefit of seeing them with a grace that has been missing from reality television. Much like her namesake, Diamond used the pressure resulting from this process and the aftermath to shine brighter. She is determined to help women discover the power of self-love. We caught up with Diamond to discuss her SwagHer. Read the interview below. 


Arnitris: Identity is so important, especially with the outside forces trying to force their definitions upon us. One of the first things that stood out on Love is Blind was your strong sense of identity. You definitely possessed an incredible amount of grace under strenuous conditions, and we all know that diamonds are created as a result of pressure. You mentioned that your mom named you Diamond for a reason. What do you think that reason was?   

Diamond: The reason why my mother named me Diamond is because of strength and love. Over time, I learned to become a stronger woman. Life tests you to become a better you. As a child, I witnessed my single mother illustrate love, commitment, and strength every day. As an adult, I strive to be that and more.

Arnitris: Not only did you experience a tremendous amount of pressure on the show, the aftermath was something that you probably couldn’t have been prepared to handle. What new coping mechanisms helped you to cope with all of the backlash? 

Diamond:  How I dealt with the backlash from the show was remembering who I am. I did not allow strangers opinions to paint a picture of me. I know who I am as a person, and I am not any of those negative comments. I am thankful for the love and support of my family, friends, and supporters who help me stay strong and show the world who “Diamond Jack” really is.

Arnitris: This turmoil that was the show’s aftermath has inspired a journey of self-discovery and ultimately a new level of self-love. What have you learned about yourself that you didn’t know before? 

Diamond:  I have learned that I have a significant amount of patience and understanding. The turmoil demonstrates the true meaning of how pressure makes diamonds; I was put in a situation where I was put under pressure that gave me a chance to demonstrate potential of patience, love, and understanding that I did not know I had. A lot of people could not respond the way I did.

Arnitris: Navigating the dating scene is hard. It is made even more difficult when we have to wade through the lies and half-truths as our potential mates attempt to put their best foot forward. When the truth isn’t revealed in the beginning it can feel like our choices have been made for us. Do you believe your choices were limited because you didn’t have enough information to make an informed decision? 

Diamond: Yes, I believe my choice was limited because I didn’t have enough information to make an informed decision. In the episode, I stated, “I felt you played the system.”

Arnitris: How did the seclusion of this project influence your decision? Do you think that your final decision would have been different if you could have talked it over with friends? 

Diamond:  Society is influenced by my family and friends. Although many of us say we make our own decisions based on our feelings, our close family and friends have a huge factor in a lot of our decision-making in terms of relationships. Personally, I have no doubt in my mind that I would have made decisions based on the opinions of my family and friends. I liked that the show removed that from our process, but then again, I would probably be in a completely different situation, lol.

Arnitris: Ladybugs hold a special place in your heart. Have you seen any ladybugs recently? 

Diamond: Yes, I see ladybugs in strange places as well. More than ladybugs, I see the number 1123 in that order since the year 2012. I am do not know what this means, but prayerfully good things.

Arnitris: You have endured tremendous scrutiny and heartbreak all while in the public eye. What advice do you have for women who are dealing with heartbreak- privately or publicly? Is there a difference between the two? 

Diamond:  Heartbreak is not easy to experience privately and especially publicly. Privately, I believe you can hide it more. You have support from your close friends or family, and the world does not give you their unasked-for opinions. In the past, I learned to get a hobby or a new man to get your mind off the past. Stay active, try new things, date, talk to a therapist, retail therapy, or travel more.  

Arnitris: Given all that you have experienced, would you say that love is blind? 

Diamond:  Yes, definitely love is blind.   

Arnitris: You walk into a Build- A-Man workshop, but can only include three traits in your ideal man. What do you choose? 

Diamond: Three traits I would want at the Build-A-Mam workshop is physical (tall/sexy/fine), intellectual (smart/goal-driven/successful), faithful (faith in God/prayer/read the bible, lol).

Arnitris: There is a lot of talk about self-love. It has become somewhat of a buzzword. But, I am not sure many women really understand what it entails. How do you define and practice it? 

Diamond:  Personally, I use affirmations/prayer or motivational quotes to start my day. Trust me, I have had several conversations in the mirror with self, and that is fine. You have to find balance with what makes you happy and loved. I had several friends who will disable their social media accts for a period of time to help with self-love. I have tried Journaling or writing down my goals for the day, week, and month; I love my self-care Sundays, where I spend a day pampering myself and get an accountable partner. I have a line sister, my sorority sister, friend, and PR, but we motivate, push, and help one another reach our goals.

Arnitris: You definitely possess a certain je ne sais quoi that exudes from inside. We like to call that trait SwagHer. What is your SwagHer and where did you learn it? 

Diamond:  HA! Love it! I am inspired and surrounded by impactful women and strive to be that and more. Honestly, some women are born with it, so it’s naturally me. I love being myself; being myself makes me the happiest.

Diamond has dived into acting, cooking, fitness, entrepreneurship and back into her first love- dancing. She has become an inspiration to her more than 221K fans on Instagram. Follow her @iam_diamondjack to follow her journey.


Interview Done By: Arnitris L. Strong | Strong is a certified Christian relationship coach and owner of The Blessed Dating Experience. She supports single women as they heal their hearts to make room for the love they both deserve and desire. Together, they create a plan to date intentionally in preparation for marriage. You can find Arnitris living, loving and laughing and doling out sweet and sassy dating advice as only she can on all social media platforms @blessedbthetie and


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