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Olympic Runner Allyson Felix Is A Role Model For Working Moms

Allyson Felix, the most decorated female track and field athlete in history, is running for all of us in 2022.  In a recent Instagram post Allyson Felix stated,  “This season I’m running for women. I’m running for a better future for my daughter. I’m running for you. …Here’s to my final season.” As we honor and celebrate Mother’s Day this upcoming Sunday, Allyson’s heartfelt Olympic retirement dedication and letter to her daughter is a reminder that being a mother is a gift. 

In fact Allyson says her greatest accomplishment is being a “mother to her daughter Camryn.” That is no small statement since Allyson is team USA’s most powerful track and field athlete. In total, Felix has clinched 11 Olympic medals (seven gold, three silver, one bronze). However, no matter how much she has accomplished on the track, it pales in comparison to her challenges of motherhood. In her letter (video), Allyson gives a detailed experience about the challenges of her pregnancy with her daughter Camryn.  This life event like all moms changed Allyson’s life significantly and through this experience she is now an advocate for the maternity of female athletes.

Additionally, to further illustrate the struggles that new mother’s face in balancing career and motherhood, Allyson has given a stark account of the challenges she faced with her sponsor after giving birth to her daughter Camryn, Her sponsor Nike proposed to cut her pay by 70%. And as a further slap in the face they refused to guarantee they would not punish her for not performing at the same level before she was pregnant. 

Well, Allyson had the last laugh it turns out, as not only did she stop wearing Nike’s but she won her medals at the Tokyo Olympics in her own shoes that she herself created called Sayash. And Allyson keeps on winning. This month she has secured even more investment for her shoe company. As we reflect on Allyson Felix’s journey through her pregnancy and motherhood, while also maintaining her status as a world class athlete, we should also reflect on the gift of motherhood. We can embrace the challenges and appreciate how being a mom gives us strength to endure and overcome life’s challenges with love.

“I’ve never been the fastest, or had the world records, I’ve always just tried my best with character and integrity,” Allyson said in a post race interview.

Well said Allyson and thank you for being such a shining light.



Written by: Susan Jackson


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