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Otis Kemp Talks Gospel, Artistry, Appleseed Performing Academy, and More

“Florida is a place for innovation, for prosperity, for pioneering.” — Hendrith Vanlon Smith, Jr.

This quote is a perfect descriptor of not just Florida but also the lives of some Floridians. Most notably, gospel artist Otis Kemp. Kemp, the son of a pastor, is no stranger to church and therefore always knew whatever he did in life would be in one way or another be related to ministry and gospel music.

Growing up, Kemp could be found performing various talent shows and eventually starting an R&B group, Black and Mild. As he grew and matured, so did his exposure. From Slip N Slide records to Rick Ross and so many others, Kemp could be found in the background perfecting his gifts of writing, singing, arrangements, and mixing.

Kemp stepped out from the background and release a local ep that was a massive success. The streets went crazy over his sound, which pushed him to go further as a solo artist.

Throughout his success in secular music, Kemp was always able to stay true to himself because he kept his heart posture, character, and lifestyle in a position that always reflected God.

But Kemp is more than just an artist. He has a heart for the younger generation, especially those society deems at-risk and underprivileged. Growing up, Kemp was kicked out of every school he ever attended. So he knows firsthand what it is like to have few options. With this background, Kemp felt he would be best suited to help the next generation succeed through education; thus starting the Appleseed Performing Academy. The purpose of Appleseed Performing Academy is to help expose youth to opportunities they would not otherwise see.

Kemp credits the opening and success of Appleseed to a door that was opened by God to show youth other ways to be successful. One of Kemp’s mantras for life is “everything begins with a seed.”

Kemp credits all of his success to believing in the Word of God and trusting God’s plan for his life. The legacy Kemp wants to leave as an artist is one of creating life music and spreading love and not religion. He wants to inspire people worldwide by representing the underdogs and challenging people to not just be a traditional church member.

On July 8, 2022, Kemp released his latest single, “Daily Bread”, which has cracked the top 100 and has received excellent reviews.


Interview done by: Jasmine Spencer| Jasmine is a native of Chicago and a graduate of Loyola University Chicago with a B.A. in Political Science. Jasmine started writing in 2018 as just a hobby. Since then, it has grown into a passion. Jasmine considers herself a lifestyle and fashion blogger, social media manager, and social media strategist. She can be found on Instagram at @jas_is_peculiaroyalty.


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