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Pariz Doubles Down on Quest to be the Best with Release of Burning in ‘Pariz 2’

Keeping a watchful eye on the entrance door at the VIP Room, recording artist Pariz makes sure each member of his entourage is present and accounted for. Feeling loose, relaxed, and confident, he immediately hits the dance floor with his dancers Barbiona, Nia-Ashani, Dime, Bryanna, Kaychelle, and Imani. The venue is lit as the crowd anxiously awaits the performance from the guest of honor at his EP release party.

Born and raised in Wakefield, Virginia, Pariz journeyed to New York to attend college where he concentrated on fashion design. He always had a love for music, and as a symbol to display that love, the recording artist got a tattoo of a cassette tape on his arm. After college, Pariz moved to Philadelphia, and then transitioned to Baltimore where he’s been living the past seven years.

On this June night in Baltimore, Maryland, Pariz is ready to entertain his  B-more fans. He has help with this task as he brought friends. Love & Hip Hop: New York cast member Anais got things started with a very seductive and provocative performance. Recording artist Jhonni Blaze hit the stage, as she put her strong singing voice on display She captivated the audience as her singing made the lyrics come alive. Love & Hip Hop: New York cast member Mariahlynn delivered an entertaining and high-energy performance.

The man of the hour, Pariz took ownership of the stage as he displayed all the elements it takes to be a true artist. He showed his MC side as he controlled the crowd. While performing, the recording artist gave his fans a show consisting of a smooth flow, versatility, and substance. He dipped into the audience as he invited a small portion of the crowd to come to the stage to participate in a twerk contest. 

Pariz is a gifted artist who is ready to share his well-rounded talent with the world. Celebrity/Entertainment Journalist Vince D’Writer went one on one with Pariz.

Vince: Define your Swagher. What makes Pariz, Pariz?

Pariz: Pariz is a bomb. My swag is how I feel on that day. I like to step out of the box. I’m just different. My swag is out of this world. Nobody can touch me.

Vince: Who are some of the artist who inspired you?

Pariz: Marvin Gaye, Kanye West is a genius. Jay Z, Nas, Biggie, Uncle Luke cause he nasty. I like him cause I’m nasty too.

Vince: What is your creative process?

Pariz: My creative process is being alone, just by myself in the moment. Being focused listening to meditation music to calm my mind. I’ll go walking or workout because that’s what gets me to that point.

Vince: Give us a synopsis of your first project. What is the name of it, and what are some of your favorite songs?

Pariz: The name of it is Burning In Pariz. It is super lit. My favorite songs off that project are Where Were You, 2 Lit, and I’m da Man.

Vince: What is the name and the theme of the new project?

Pariz: The name of the new project is Burning In Pariz 2. It’s obviously lit. The theme is more of dance, trap, and bringing back the old school. My flow and my songs are a mix between Juvenile, Uncle Luke, Busta Rhymes, and Three Six Mafia. I have a lot of inspiration from those artists  on this project.

Vince: What’s next for Pariz?

Pariz: Hitting the road, expanding and opening up different ears to my music. I’m trying to make history. This is what I do. Nothing is going to stop me. It’s all about growth and moving forward.

Vince: Where can fans purchase your music? 

Pariz: Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, every platform you can think of.

Pariz is a man on a mission. He shows the confidence, drive, and determination of a person who is willing to accept nothing less than success.

“Pariz is talented and very gifted. As an artist we need someone different in the game. He’s different in a good way. His music will have you lit,” Jhonni Blaze stated.

“I love Pariz. He is a hardworking and a dedicated artist,” Anais said.

Pariz is positioning himself to become a major player as a recording artist. He has the respect of his peers and a growing fan base. He’s a hard worker, but most important this artist is a student of the game. His drive and creativity make him an artist to look out for. Burning in Pariz 2, now available. 


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