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Planting Positive Seeds: Dr. LaDonna’s Journey of Resilience and Empowerment

In this interview, Christina and Dr. LaDonna explore the motivations and experiences behind her nonprofit organization, Planting Positive Seeds. Dr. LaDonna shares how she balances her multifaceted roles as an author, pastor, speaker, life coach, and CEO while staying true to her mission of empowering others. She provides insights into the meaning of resilience, highlights her significant achievements, and discusses her upcoming projects. Throughout the conversation, Dr. LaDonna emphasizes the importance of self-belief, kindness, and perseverance in overcoming life’s challenges.


Christina: What is your SwagHer? What makes LaDonna, LaDonna? 

Dr. LaDonna: What makes me LaDonna, is my care and concern for helping others. I have always loved to empower, uplift, encourage, and inspire others to come out of feelings of despair and hopelessness. Being a positive person and overcoming many obstacles of my own has catapulted me into wanting to see the same for others.

Christina: What inspired you to start Planting Positive Seeds?

Dr. LaDonna: Planting Positive Seeds started in 2013 as an outreach conference to empower teens, young adults, and adults to have the resiliency tools they need to succeed.  Empowering and Inspiring Women and Girls to increase emotional wellness.

Christina: How do you manage your various roles as an author, pastor, speaker, life coach, and CEO of a nonprofit organization while staying focused on your mission of empowering others?

Dr. LaDonna: I have always been structured and kept a check list. I believe being organized and staying accountable to my set goals will help me achieve in the different roles in my life. Remembering why I start any project helps me see my way through with a clear vision.

Christina: What does the word resilience mean to you? 

Dr. LaDonna: Resilience means to bounce back from the many things we face in life. Many times, we are faced with distractions, fears, traumas, and things that may take you off course. So, as you become self-aware and Intune with who and what  I was purposed to do, you will develop the resilience you need to pace yourself, and to keep moving towards your goals in life.

Christina: What do you consider your most significant achievement in 2021, and how has it impacted your commitment to making a positive difference?

Dr. LaDonna: In March, I received my Honorary Doctorate in Christian Humanities in London. I was humbled to know that what I have been created and purposed for in life was being honored and recognized. This has further ignited my desire to follow all my dreams that God has placed inside of me and to help others overcome their obstacles.

Christina: What can we expect from you this year? 

Dr. LaDonna:  I’m working on a new poetry book and a children’s book.

Christina: Is there anything else you would like to share? 

Dr. LaDonna: Always believe in yourself and be kind to yourself as you learn and go through life. Give yourself grace for setbacks, failure, and never give up.


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