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Rapper and TV Personality, Jazz Anderson Talks Growing Up in the Spotlight, Her Upcoming EP, and More

Jazz Anderson, a talented female rapper, entertainer, and tv personality, is what the industry would classify as a “lyricist.” Jazz Anderson performed at BET Music Matters, performed on famous stages like Webster Hall, and even opened up for major artists like Monica, Cardi B, Kevin Gates, and Jacquees, to name a few. Furthermore, Jazz’s 2018 song and visual “Round the Way” made the main page of VEVO, was playlisted with artists like SZA and Russ, and the single even trended on Audiomack. Continually climbing, in 2019, Jazz went on to being a 2019 BET Cypher performer. With these successes, the question still remains, if Jazz only brings bars to the forefront and not the “sex sells” image that the industry is accustomed to, will she ever reach her pinnacle? Let’s put it to the test while Jazz embraces her grown and sexy. In Jazz Anderson’s forthcoming EP “The Experiment,” she takes listeners through a journey as she embodies the “sex kitten” female rapper, followed by explicit, bold, free-spirited songs.


Kaitlan: Do you think that growing up in the spotlight has helped or hurt your music career? 

Jazz: I always looked at growing up in the spotlight as a pro and a con. Being in the spotlight has caused my name to end up in rooms that the average artist starting out could only hope to be in. At the same time, my talent is what keeps me in those rooms. On the flip side, a con to growing up in the spotlight is that people may judge me as being just another celebrity kid who is trying to ride their 15 minutes of fame into another avenue before it expires, not understanding I had a passion for music, rap, and poetry before the cameras even entered my life.

Kaitlan: What do you think the outcome of “The Experiment” will be? Do you think you’ll have to change to a more “sex sells” image? 

Jazz: I think that “The Experiment” will reiterate and explicitly exhibit that female rappers are so much more than just our bodies and sex appeal, but that we can have lyricism as well. Similar to the artists I grew up on, i.e., Nicki Minaj. With “The Experiment,” the project will already show that I’m selling sex but that I can also rap with the best of them, and that message should never be misconstrued, no matter what I have or don’t have on.

Kaitlan: Besides wanting to prove a point and doing a real-time experiment through your EP, what was the inspiration behind your upcoming EP? 

Jazz: The inspiration behind my upcoming EP was showing that I can flourish in all lanes of rap. Instead of boxing myself into just being lyrical, I’m showing I can be diverse. The project has catchy hooks, different flows, and even melodic singing. This is the project where I didn’t want to hold myself back as just a conscious rapper because sometimes we can get in the way of ourselves.

Kaitlan: What’s the most difficult thing about being in the spotlight and making music?

 Jazz: For some reason, people feel as though you have to pick one or the other. It’s like you can’t be a great television host, actress, and or tv personality, AND a great rapper as well. God gives us many talents, and I want to use all of mine.

Kaitlan: What inspired you to become a rapper? 

Jazz: I’ve always been in love with poetry and literature. When you put spoken word to a beat, you become a rapper. A Jay Electronica song by the name of “Exhibit C” was what made me first fall in love with storytelling and feel like I could paint a vivid picture as well. “Doo Wop” by Lauryn Hill made me feel as though I could have females on my side who would believe in my rap career if I spoke to their hearts. Kanye West’s “College Dropout” made me feel as though nothing was too far to reach if your dreams and ambition were involved.

Kaitlan: Will you pursue other talk show opportunities while still making music? 

Jazz: Yes. Outside of making good music, an artist who wants to attain longevity knows how to brand themselves and not limit themselves. I aim to be all that I have my sights set on.

Kaitlan: Are there other projects that you’re involved in and can share with us?

Jazz: No projects that I can speak of at the moment, but “The Experiment” isn’t the only thing in store for me this year.

Kaitlan: If you could collab with anyone right now, who would it be, why, and what kind of project would you work on? 

Jazz: Tink is representing for the female artists right now. She can rap and sing while looking amazing and stylish doing it. She shows versatility with her melodies, and then she can backdoor and give you a hot 16, so she’s definitely an artist I want to work with within the next year or so.

Kaitlan: Maybe we’re rushing a little, but do you have any ideas for your next EP or album? 

Jazz: I want “The Experiment” to be a project that unfolds into many different parts of my career and journey as I continue to expand. Not sure on the name yet, but the next project will definitely play off of “The Experiment.”

Kaitlan: What is your personal favorite song on the EP, and what was the inspiration behind it? 

Jazz: “Deep Soul” is my favorite song on the EP because it wraps everything up. It’s the message behind the whole project, and I think listeners get to have a closer look into who I am as an artist and person.

Connect with Jazz on Instagram @jazzanderson to keep up with her music.


Interview Done By: Kaitlan Darby

Kaitlan Darby is a graduate of UL Lafayette. She has a B.A. in Mass Communication with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in promotional management. She is a publicist, writer, and aspiring actress. She is the founder of Black Mamba Creative, which is her creative arts/services outlet.

Instagram: @blackmambacreative

LinkedIn: Kaitlan Darby

Website: https://www.blackmambacreative.com


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