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R&B Singer Nanii Acosta Talks R&B as a Afro-Latina , Struggles as an Artist, First EP, and More

Nanii Acosta is a singer from Jersey City with bilingual roots from the dynamic streets of Brooklyn, New York. As an Afro-Latina singer-songwriter, she has been working with viral influencers and rising stars in the music scene for years, like TikTok Influencer Chandler Matkins, for example. 

Nanii blooms expressive R&B music with modern melodies, catchy sounds, and professionally produced visuals to match her expansive personality. Since her first single, Sittin Sideways, was released in 2017, Nanii Acosta has left the door open for music enthusiasts to connect with her persona – following up with her first EP, Golden Hold, Vol. 1, featuring her two smash hits, Dimé and Mas

Overall, she’s a consistent artist with a relatable pen, creating a lane for herself to diversify her brand as a visionary; she has already collaborated with producers such as Bonafide Beatz, pianist Teddyfx, and engineer Michael Ashby. 

Learn more about Nanii Acosta and listen to her music on her website


Christina: What is your SwagHer? What makes Nanii, Nanii? 

Nanii: What makes Nanii is everything that I am, my stories, my influences, and, simply put, my unique point of view in this life. 

Christina: When did you know you wanted to become a singer? At what age did you start to realize that you could pursue singing as a career? 

Nanii: I realized in my senior year of college that being an artist was something that could be accomplished. In the following years, I have worked to find my voice as an artist and continue to grow. 

Christina: Why did you choose to sing R&B? As an Afro-Latina, how do you think your style of singing can contribute to or change R&B? 

Nanii: R&B is one of the main genres that I grew up listening to. I am a ’90s baby, and as the oldest, my parents were fairly young when they had me. I have a specific ear for that time period and a talent that needs to be heard. When it comes to my music, I love to incorporate aspects of my background, whether specific instruments or phrases in a different language. 

Christina: What are some struggles you have had to overcome in the music industry?

Nanii: There are quite a few things that I’ve had to overcome and continue to do so as an indie artist. Staying confident and sure of myself and my artistry, balancing my 9-5 life and being an artist, and staying consistent even when you hear a “no” or don’t get the responses that you want. 

Christina: Tell us a little bit about your first EP, Golden Hold, Vol. 1. Where was your head at when you began making the EP? 

Nanii: This process took almost two years, but it was well worth it. At the beginning of my musical journey creating an EP felt so far out of my reach. I was able to piece together my experiences, write about them and release it. It was a beautiful journey for me and my


Christina: If you could go back and change one thing in your life, be it in your career or personal life, what would it be, and would you or would you not change it?

 Nanii: The only thing I would change is having more confidence early on. I used to be so afraid of judgment and making mistakes that it hindered my choices. 

Christina: What tips can you give young women who wish to pursue singing as a career? 

Nanii: Talent is just as important as your brand, and surrounding yourself with the perfect team is imperative. 

Christina: Is there anything else you would like to share? 

Nanii: Yes! Next year, I plan on doing something very special that I have not done thus far. I would love for you all to join the journey and see what I have in store. 

Connect with Nanii below: 

Website: https://www.naniiacosta.com/ 


Facebook: Nanii Acosta 


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