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Redefining Generational Wealth with Dominique Savage

Dominique Savage is redefining the meaning of Generational Wealth and thinking outside of the bo. Starting out co-managing her mother’s family business, she has created a space for others who want to become entrepreneurs as child care providers and educators. She has more than 15 years of experience within the ECE Field. Savage was born into this industry following her mother’s ownership of her own family daycare upon graduating with a B.A. in Early Childcare Education and obtaining her Pennsylvania teaching certification, she expanded from “family daycare” to a high-quality accredited preschool center.

Launching her MEMBERS ONLY Virtual Community in May 2023 that serves ECE Professionals and Providers with ongoing support along with exclusive access to up-to-date industry news, pertinent information, and professional course material. She also provides on-site and in-person “center audits” for existing early childhood learning centers, to enhance their performance levels and help them elevate the overall experience for their students and students’ families.

She is also the author of Darla Misses Daddy, a children’s book which touches on the loss of a loved one. The book will empower families and schools to embrace tough yet necessary conversations within the home and teaching spaces.

Q: How are you redefining and expanding on the term generational wealth?

Savage: I’m a second-generation childcare owner, and because of that, I have realized so many things. In my area, the childcare community is the same as it was 30 years ago. My goal is to redefine and expand that with my mom as my business partner. Generational wealth is all about taking what you get from the first generation and being able to turn that into something even more successful and even more amazing. I am so grateful to be a second-generation entrepreneur because I was inspired from a young age to want this and to be passionate about this. I now educate others on how they can start or grow their own childcare facilities, and I even started my own membership recently called CEO Circle which brings together women entrepreneurs. The #1 thing I teach them is assets over liabilities. Investing in yourself is the best way to redefine generational wealth and keep it going.

Q: Co-managing your mother’s family business sparked the motivation to create your firm – what was the pivotal moment that led you to launch ECE Pros and Providers?

Savage: I realized after being a director and childcare owner for ten years that there was never a coach to really help people aside from a few Fortune 500 companies. Suddenly I had other entrepreneurs coming to me asking me to be their mentor and help with setting up their classroom or organizing their books, etc… It was at that point that I realized there was nobody to really help others do this unless you had prior connections and there was this huge need for somebody to be a mentor to others. People who are looking to start a business or even just grow their business financially often seek outside help to do so. I already loved being an educator, so why not educate those that want to do what I’m doing and spread my knowledge and my experience to those around me?

Q: We see the stories in the news regarding childcare facilities and their deficiencies. How would “center audits” combat the many cases?

Savage: My motto is that a successful childcare center starts with systems, yet there are so many centers out there that aren’t implementing systems. Having center audits would combat childcare programs with missing systems because it would force them to see where the holes are in their business model. For instance, some systems that they can begin to incorporate into their daily audits would be opening and closing procedures. That way, at the beginning and end of every day, you are resetting your center and figuring out what works and what doesn’t work. Paperwork audits for stacking files are super important as well. I think every center should also increase classroom monitoring and engagement to see how the staff is treating the children. Center audits should occur weekly, if not bi-weekly, to increase quality across the board in childcare centers highly.

Q: Are you partnering with any state, local or federal agencies to share ECE Pros and Providers?

Savage: At this time, we are not partnering with any state, local, or federal agencies to share Educated Mindz or CEO Circle. However, our goal is to educate aspiring childcare providers and ECE professionals by providing accredited hours. Most recently, our childcare facilities have been highlighted as proud, quality, providers by the Philadelphia Office of Children and Families. We had the opportunity to have the mayor visit our office this spring, and we were granted that.

Q: How important is having a support system for educators and facility owners?

Savage: Having a good support system is so important for educators and facility owners, and I can’t stress that enough. Especially being a woman in entrepreneurship, it can be so lonely and so frustrating. Without a good support system, it is so easy to fail because there is no one to uplift you. That’s why I started my CEO Circle membership. It allows women CEOs to connect with each other and uplift each other in the business world. Making good friends that experience the same things you do is important when creating that support system. Whether it’s family or friends you need people who want you to succeed and will motivate you to succeed at the same time. They shouldn’t let you quit or be too hard on you, but just be there to support and uplift you.

Q: What led you to pen, Darla Misses Daddy?
Savage: Darla Misses Daddy is so special to me because it comes from my own personal life where I am Darla. I lost my father to gun violence in Philadelphia at eight years old. Because I am an educator and have served in our community for the past ten years I began to see how many children were experiencing the loss that I did. This sparked me first to start the Calvin Ellis Memorial Scholarship, which is a $5000 scholarship created for a child who has lost a parent or guardian. The scholarship was founded in 2018, and then the book was created as a way to continue the generational legacy. The purpose of the book was really to highlight trauma awareness and create healthy conversations around loss and grief for children. For your copy visit.

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