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Resilience, Healing, and Empowerment: A Journey into Holistic Wellness with Christal Smith

Discover the transformative journey of Christal, the driving force behind Luxury Elite Wellness, as she shares her profound evolution from single motherhood amidst adversity to becoming a beacon of holistic wellness. Facing the challenges of caring for her daughter battling Hydrocephalus, Christal found solace in holistic practices, igniting her passion to empower others. Through innovative healing techniques, compassionate support, and a commitment to sustainable wellness, Christal’s approach fosters profound transformation. As a recipient of the esteemed 2024 President Lifetime Achievement Award, she continues to inspire excellence, championing holistic health within her community and beyond. Join us as we delve into her inspiring narrative of resilience, healing, and empowerment.


Christina: What is your SwagHer? What makes Christal, Christal?

Christal: My unique personality is most definitely the essence of who I am. I radiate an energy that’s magnetic, making me the friend everyone wishes they had. I’m all about motivating women to seize success, embrace their best lives, and thrive financially. My presence is about uplifting and drawing out the best in everyone around me. I’m a girls girl.

Christina: What inspired you to pursue a career in holistic wellness, and how has your journey evolved since becoming a Holistic/Wellness Esthetician and owner of Luxury Elite Wellness?

Christal: My journey into holistic wellness was born out of necessity and blossomed into my life’s passion. As a single mother, the challenge of caring for my daughter, who battles Hydrocephalus, a rare and incurable condition, thrust me into a world of fear and isolation. Facing this daunting reality without a co-parent or understanding circle, I hit rock bottom—depression and stress took a heavy toll on my health, as I struggled to care for my daughter amidst hospital machines and a daunting prognosis.

This moment paved the way for my personal growth. I realized the critical importance of my own well-being—not just for myself, but as the cornerstone of my ability to care for my children. Embarking on a mental and self-care journey, I embraced meditation, prayer, healthier eating habits, regular exercise, and allocating time and energy more wisely. This transformation not only revitalized my physical and mental health but also ignited a passion for sharing the power of holistic wellness with others. Today, as a Holistic/Wellness Esthetician and owner of Luxury Elite Wellness, I am committed to helping others, especially Special Parents, find their path to well-being, inspired by my own journey of resilience, healing, and empowerment.

Christina: Could you share with us some of the key principles that guide your approach to holistic wellness and the services you provide at Luxury Elite Wellness?

Christal: Holistic Healing Techniques: I incorporate a variety of holistic healing modalities, from traditional esthetic treatments, aromatherapy, and energy healing to innovative wellness therapies. This diversity allows us to address a wide range of concerns, ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and holistic care possible.

Compassionate Support: Understanding the importance of emotional support in the healing process, we create a nurturing environment where clients feel heard, valued, and understood. Our approach is rooted in compassion based on My own experiences and empathy, recognizing the strength it takes to embark on a wellness journey.

Sustainable Wellness: Rather than offering quick fixes, we focus on sustainable health and wellness practices that can be integrated into everyday life. Meditation, Journaling, Prayer, Aura Healing etc. We advocate for habits that not only improve well-being in the short term but also support a lifetime of health and happiness.

Christina: As the recipient of the prestigious 2024 President Lifetime Achievement Award, how do you believe your dedication to excellence has contributed to your success in serving the community?

Christal: My dedication to excellence has also been reflected in my leadership style and vision for the future of holistic wellness. By inspiring my NJ Spa Boss Tribe Chapter to share in this vision and strive for its own excellence, we’ve created a culture of continuous improvement and innovation. Also, actively engaging with the community through collaborating with other local businesses and being in the room at workshops, seminars, and wellness programs, I  spread awareness about holistic health and empower individuals with the knowledge and tools to lead healthier lives.

Christina: What would you tell someone looking to join the wellness field?

Christal: Wellness is a culturally and personally diverse field. Be open to learning different wellness practices and perspectives. You must also prioritize your own health and well-being. Practice what you preach—maintain a balanced lifestyle that includes proper nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, and self-care. Educate and network with your community, both locally and online.

Christina: How do you practice self-care in order to maintain your role as a beacon of hope and tranquility for those seeking wellness and rejuvenation?

Christal: My go-to is traveling, It’s my way to recharge and experience new cultures, which in turn, enriches my practice and personal growth. Daily prayer and Meditation to maintain my spiritual and emotional balance.

Christina: Is there anything else you would like to share?

Christal: As a mompreneur, ladies, giving yourself grace is okay. You must practice self-compassion, reminding yourself of the importance of grace in the face of life’s challenges and demands. You must recognize your own limits; it’s crucial. Hence, it’s okay to allow yourself to step back for mental resets when needed. This could mean taking a day off, disconnecting from digital devices, or simply spending time in nature or just old-school journaling.


Connect with Christal below:

Website: www.luxury-elitewellness.com

Instagram: luxuryelitewellness

Facebook: luxury_elite_wellness


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