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Sculpting Success: Sonia’s Journey from Nurse to MedSpa Entrepreneur

Sonia’s entrepreneurial journey is a tale of inspiration and determination. Her decision to establish “Body Sculpting By Simone,” a MedSpa, was driven by a heartfelt desire to retire from her role as a bedside nurse and explore new horizons. In this interview, Sonia sheds light on the world of body sculpting and contouring, demystifying these transformative processes for those unfamiliar with them. Her passion for beauty and aesthetics, coupled with a determination for personal growth, led her into an industry where nurses like her are a rare presence. She navigated through regulatory challenges, emphasizing that while body contouring doesn’t require certifications, recent state regulations restrict body sculpting equipment to nurses or estheticians. Sonia’s ideal clients are those who prioritize self-care and seek to enhance their well-being. Overcoming obstacles, such as finding her voice and improving public speaking skills, has been a crucial part of her entrepreneurial journey. 


Fancy: How would you describe your SwagHer? What makes Sonia, Sonia?

Sonia: I am a Mom, a woman of Faith who has not given up in times of adversity! I have a passion for caring and helping others. What makes me, me is trusting God in all things and not allowing any circumstance to stop me from building and predicting my future. My goal is to help as many nurses retire from the bedside and become successful entrepreneurs.

Fancy: What inspired you to open to your MedSpa, Body Sculpting By Simone?

Sonia: My inspiration for opening my Medspa was the desire to retire from being a bedside nurse. 

Fancy: You practice two types (correct me if I am wrong here) of sculpting. For those unfamiliar with body sculpting, can you tell us more about the process for both?  

Sonia: Yes, Body contouring and Body sculpting are similar; they both involve the removal of fat or tissue to reshape and design specific areas of the body to achieve a desired body aesthetic.

Fancy: What attracted you to offer these body-enhancing alternatives?
Sonia: I have always loved beauty and aesthetics. For the past eight years, I was working two jobs and I knew I wanted better for myself. I started looking into this industry, realizing that not many nurses owned Medspas; I believe as a nurse being a part of this industry, I would be impactful to my patients.

Fancy: Do these services require certifications to practice? 

Sonia: Body Contouring does not; however, due to recent state regulations, only a nurse or an esthetician can use the equipment for body sculpting.

Fancy: How would you describe your ideal clients?

Sonia: My ideal clients for Medspa is anyone who prioritizes their SELF-CARE, and anyone willing to invest in enhancing their appearance and well-being.

Fancy: What’s one obstacle you overcame on your entrepreneurial journey?

Sonia: Learning to use my voice and improving my public speaking skills

Fancy: Where can readers connect with you?

Sonia: Readers can connect with me by following me on social media platforms, FB, IG, YouTube, and Amazon for my latest trends in clothing and decorating.


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