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Self-Care is a Way of Life: 4 Benefits of Self-Care

Self-care is a way of life. It should be a part of our routine. I would like to say daily, but we all know we only have 24 hours in a day, and sometimes that is not enough. 

I used to be one to totally neglect my self-care because I was too busy trying to get a stable life. Now that I am more stable, I still tend to work a lot, and since I have already developed a pattern of working around the clock, it’s easy to keep on at that rate, so I have to make a conscious effort to do better. 

We must take care of ourselves because practicing self-care benefits us in several ways, and here are a few of them. 

Self-care helps you perform at your best. 

If you seek to do great things, you must incorporate self-care into your daily practice. You can only perform at your best when you are at your best. Prioritizing your self-care ensures that. 

It helps to relieve stress.

As CEOs, we usually not only have to worry about our projects, teams, and clients, but then we also have to worry about our families, so we are usually caretakers too. We worry about everyone else but ourselves, but stress can take a toll on our health, so we must be mindful to alleviate it when we can. 

Self-care supports your overall being.

Self-care improves our mind, body, and spirit. It brings our attention to what our mind and body need, which we can often ignore in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. When we take the time to practice self-care we are taking the time to listen to our innermost thoughts and feelings and then access what we need. 

Self-care helps you recharge.

If you work hard, there will come a time when you just feel burnt out. During these times, self-care is essential. It’s how we reconnect with ourselves and our purpose. That downtime serves as a time to remind us what is important in our lives.

Even knowing all of this, it’s easy to let our schedules and devices take control of our lives and not make time for ourselves. 

Therefore, I decided to make sure that I do at least one nice thing for myself each week. It can be something big, or it can be something small, but the point is I do it for myself. I do it to make myself for good and honor myself. Usually, I do this on the weekend. It gives me something to look forward to on the weekend and helps me press through the week. 

Initially, I found it to be time-consuming to take the time out and figure out what I would do. It is a more difficult decision to me as a Libra, but now I look at it as something that is as necessary as the tasks I complete for work, and it makes it easier.

Self-care is a way of life, and while it is time-consuming, it is essential. 


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Francheska Felder
Francheska Felderhttp://swagheronline.com
Francheska “Fancy” Felder is an award-winning editor, publisher, publicist, and quiet Southern media mogul. In 2010, she launched SwagHer Magazine, an empowerment and lifestyle publication for the Black woman who likes to keep it real, which also doubles as a PR boutique. SwagHer Magazine uses positive media and storytelling to create new narratives and mindsets around Black women, their communities, and the businesses and organizations they lead, while the boutique strategically executes press and brand campaigns. The proud SU alum is also the publicist for Power Influence Radio and hostess of the CEO Chatter LIVE Podcast. Because she battles with bipolar disorder, Fancy is a proud mental health advocate.

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