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Shanel Evans Appointed as New Ambassador for the Virginia Black Chamber of Commerce

The Virginia Black Chamber of Commerce (VABCC) is proud to announce the appointment of Shanel Evans as its newest Ambassador. Ms. Evans, a distinguished business advisor with FyreSavvy and a fervent advocate for community development, officially stepped into her role in January 2024.

With a rich background in supporting community initiatives and small businesses, Ms. Evans embodies the spirit of leadership and innovation that the VABCC stands for. As a certified SWaM (Small, Micro, Women, and Minority) Business owner in the Commonwealth of Virginia, her contributions have been pivotal in promoting economic growth and empowerment within the Black business community. Ms. Evans’ dedication to community service is evident through her roles, including Team Administrator for an award-winning youth track & field non-profit and Board Member for the Donna M. Saunders Foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness.

In her role as Ambassador, Ms. Evans will leverage her expertise to foster an environment that encourages growth, supports innovation, and facilitates opportunities for VABCC members to thrive. She will act as a mentor to new members, strengthen relationships, and reinforce the value of chamber membership through increased participation in chamber activities.

“Black economic development is a core value of mine. I believe in the power of visibility and collaboration for us to grow as a collective,” said Shanel Evans. Ernisha M. Hall, President & CEO of the VABCC, expressed her enthusiasm for the Ambassador program, stating, “This initiative is not just a step forward for our organization but a leap towards fostering stronger connections, enriching our members’ experiences, and driving more impactful community engagement.”

The VABCC, established in August 2023 by founders Ernisha Hall and Tracey Hall, aims to ensure the economic prosperity and sustainability of Virginia’s vibrant small business community. The chamber is a beacon of empowerment and economic prosperity, fostering a sustainable business ecosystem that nurtures growth, champions innovation, and creates opportunities for Black businesses to flourish.

Ms. Evans will be sharing her insights as a Business Growth and Marketing Strategist at the upcoming EmpowerHer Brunch on Saturday, March 9, 2024. The event, generously hosted by Cowo & Creche in Alexandria, Virginia, aims to empower, inspire, and connect female entrepreneurs and professionals in a transformative experience.

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