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Shaquin Thomas, Owner of Soul To Table Catering Discusses the Experience of Catering Her Own Wedding

Love and food can capture the soul, bring joy to our hearts, and be the main attraction during any special occasion. Soul To Table Catering owner Shaquin Thomas has joined us to tell us about getting married and catering her own wedding. 

In addition to being a pioneer in the culinary arts industry, Shaquin is also an author. Her recipe book, Cooking With Soul To Table, consists of classic southern recipes with a twist. If you are a fan of fried chicken, buttermilk catfish, deviled eggs topped with bacon, or even macaroons, this cookbook includes recipes for various tastebuds. 

The recipe book, Soul To Table Soup, offers a catalog of soups ranging from broccoli cheddar soup to lobster bisque. Both cookbooks are available on soultotablecatering.com and Amazon as well.

Tammy: Congratulations on your wedding and love union Shaquin. We understand that you are both a new bride and a renowned caterer. We heard that you catered your own wedding. We would love to hear more about the experience of the most important day in your life. How were you able to balance catering the wedding, being the bride, and all that came with your special day?

Soul To Table 1Shaquin: It was a whirlwind! My mom was adamant that my guests needed to eat more than cake. Begrudgingly I got up early and went to my 9 am church service, ran to Popshelf, Party City, and then to Kroger to buy some food items. I was home by noon and started preparing charcuterie boards and fruit and veggie trays. After the food was finished, I was finished with my catering hat, and then I started my countdown to get ready to be a bride a few hours later.

Tammy: How did you feel walking down the aisle, and when the wedding was over, how did you feel?

Shaquin: Everyone kept asking me how I felt, if I was nervous or scared, and I kept saying I was fine. However, I felt my first ounce of jitters when I stepped onto the aisle. I thought to myself, “I’m about to get married. Wow.” As I walked with my oldest son, the scenery blurred as I realized I was walking to meet my forever love. After the wedding, I looked at my husband and felt a sense of peace.

Tammy: What would you like to say to your husband?

Shaquin: I truly found my everything in him. He is the love of my life, my bestie, my homie, lover, friend, my “Spades” partner, my hype man when I’m singing karaoke on stage, my sous chef, and more. Cupid dropped him right on my doorstep when I stopped looking for love. Now it’s up, and it stuck!

Tammy: Do you feel catering your own wedding has elevated your expertise in the culinary arts industry and as a business owner? How so?

Soul To Table 1Shaquin: Catering my wedding gave me insight into the feelings and thoughts that run through a bride’s mind on her big day. Generally, most brides hire caterers, decorators, wedding coordinators, a DJ, photographers, and more. I opted to try to do most on my own, which elevated the pressure on my day, lol! However, my village is full of talent from all walks of life, and everyone played a significant role in making it all flow effortlessly. It made me realize the importance of having each key component to complete the puzzle on a wedding day.

Tammy: For those who would like to book you for your services, what would you like to say to them?

Shaquin: Soul To Table would love to serve you on your special day by providing delicious food and exemplary service.

Tammy: What’s next for you?

Shaquin: A cooking show on a televised network and a new cookbook are next on the agenda for Soul To Table!

Get connected at https://soultotablecatering.com/ and @soultotablecatering.


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