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Should I Have Carbs?

Should you have carbs in your diet?

Carbohydrates are one of three main nutrients found in foods and drinks, along with proteins and fats.

Some diets advocate for no carbs, and some advocate for eating them. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by information overload, so here are a few tips to be able to tell what you need and what you do not need. 

You cannot go off of what celebrities are doing with their diets because they have the resources to have personal trainers, personal chefs, and so on, but most of us do not have those things. 

In our normal walk, we have to do things differently. 

When you see foods with carbs that end in “ose” that usually is sugar carb. The other carbs are starches, and another source of carbohydrates is fiber. 

As you get older, you need more fiber in your diet because fibers place good bacteria in your body to help flush you out. 

Navigating the carb world is not always easy, and it’s not always cut and dry. 

There are whole carbs versus refined carbs and so many other things, but Coach Bev breaks it all down in this video. 


About Coach Bev:

Beverly K. Johnson/Fit & FierceHaving been a Zumba instructor for years, Beverly K. Johnson knew her influence included more than fitness training when a candid conversation with an exercising client revealed that women in caretaker roles often forget about themselves. She named her new motivational fitness business Genesys Fitness because it signified a rebirth for the often “forgotten” woman: the divorce’, caretaker, and empty-nester.  


The NYC Journal highlighted Beverly in 2022 for being in the Top 30 Female Entrepreneurs to Look Out For. Beverly specializes in creating, educating, and implementing motivational wellness routines into the everyday woman’s life. She has been featured in Sheen Magazine for her article, “Are you Sabotaging Your Wellness Journey?” In this article, she uses her years of experience to educate readers in a relatable way so they can get ahead of their own wellness journey. Visit or @iambeverlykjohnson for more information. 

This video was pre-recorded on Facebook. 

Watch Coach Beverly live on Fit & Fierce every Sunday at 5 PM CST on SwagHer’s Facebook.


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