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Singer Latrice Pace Returns with New Album

Gospel Royalty Singer Latrice Pace returns after four-year hiatus with her new album “Exodus: The Journey of Obedience Volume 2″.  Releasing the album on July 14th, the video for the single “It’s Morning” debuted on Youtube as well. The powerful words of Psalms 143 inspired this song and have a profound significance as it was after the loss of her mother and two sisters, Duranice and LaShun, within two years.


Q: After taking your 4-year hiatus, what was the first goal you had in mind?
Pace: After taking a four-year hiatus, I think the first goal was to figure out what my life looked like after caregiving. I was a caretaker to my mom for many years. After taking care of her well-being, I had to find myself again and re-discover my passions in new ways, such as fitness, music, acting, and building my cupcakery business.

Q: You hit the stage on July 7th for your album release event – What was the one thing that resonated with you from your event?
Pace: One thing that resonated with me from my event was the applause when I
walked in, the acceptance and welcoming response in anticipation of what would
be released through audio and visual presentations. It was a feeling I would never

Q: As the date approaches for your album release – What are you focused on most?
Pace: As the day approaches for my album release, I focus more on finishing any task
left to complete and making sure the live representation of the music is just as
good as what people will experience in their homes, in their cars, at work via
Spotify and iTunes or any digital platform. The live performance- that’s what you
focus on next.

Q: What is the song(s) are a little more unique to you on this album?
Pace: The most unique to me is “Let Us All Wash Feet” because I never even thought of singing about that or creating a song in that context. The most I’ve ever heard of washing feet was 1st Sunday Night after communion. Still, to sing about it beyond the actual ritual or ceremony within a service is highly unique. I grew up focusing on the act of feet washing within the walls of the church, and not the “doing” of feet washing in my day-to-day life beyond the walls of the church.

Q: Can you share 4 things someone should try and incorporate into their day to
have a better start?
Pace: 1. Quiet time with God. There is no way to have a good day without time
with him. That can be anywhere from reading scripture to listening to scripture,
allowing audiobooks to play, singing worship, or listening to worship, whatever
that looks like for the individual. That quiet time in morning meditation with God
is key.                                                                                                                         2. Coffee! Coffee is a must. Caffeine fuels you. Christ fuels you spiritually, and caffeine fuels you naturally.                                                                                                      3. Self-Care: Having self-care throughout the day, whatever that looks like. Rather
if that’s pulling away time alone to have lunch in your car, or deep breathing, all
of that is a part of having a great day.
4. Being grateful: Lastly, at the end of the day, spend time and gratitude thinking
about all you are grateful for that happened throughout the day.

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