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Sister, Sister: The Sisterhood in My Life

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Sister, sister- I want to share about the sisterhood in my life. These are the women who keep me focused and on track while also reminding me that we as women share so many of the same experiences, no matter our age, location, or beliefs. I have found a safe space in these women to be myself and share my dreams, goals, laughter, and tears. 

If we’re going to do an issue about sisterhood, it’s only fitting that I share a little about my biological sisters first. Most people tell me that I act like I’m the youngest of a family, but I’m actually the oldest of my three brothers and two sisters.

My oldest younger sister, Shaniecia, whom we call Noont, is a hard-working Cancer woman and mom who will keep you laughing as she shares her mind. While I may have #fancysthoughts, sis could have #shanesthoughts as well because she’s always expressing her opinions. Like most Cancer women, in many ways, we are different, but we balance each other out. 

My youngest sister, ShaFrance, goes by Skeet. Like me, she is also a Libra, and we connect in lots of ways. She is also a mom and wife of three with a good sense of humor that notices the little things. She gives the best gifts because they always have meaning. 

Now, I must admit, I am not as close as I would like to be with them, but as I said yesterday, I’m working on this matter all across the board. This is the year of relationships! And I’m really looking forward to it.

Then there are my other sisters, whom I would also like to mention. Some of these bonds are new, but I know they will last for some time. 

Oddly, as I looked at my email list to see who read my last email, I was happy to see one. Pe’Quitta was one of my first bosses when I got my first job ever at McDonald’s. Pe’Quitta was a little older, and she took me under her wing, sharing her knowledge of the store and operation and about life. She became the big sister I never had. To this day, we may text each other every few years about something, and it’s not like time has passed. 

Then there are two women from the magazine who I greatly admire and appreciate: Khadijah, who is SwagHer’s junior publicist/ graphic designer/ and more. She and I work closely together, and I enjoy our dynamic. I learn so much from her, and I hope I am also adding value to her life. Goodness knows she’s been such a blessing to me. 

There is also Author Obsession, who is a Cancer woman and like a Google of how-tos. She is one of our prominent lifestyle writers, and I am constantly discovering more tidbits about being a woman through her writings. I think our audience finds value in her, too, as her articles always do well. Through her work and our conversations, I learn so much more about womanhood and being a real friend. I admire all of her gifts and talents.  

Last but not least, there’s my best friend. I won’t say her name because she is very private and lowkey, but she is possibly one of my circle’s most spiritually connected people. A sensible, no-nonsense Cancer woman, she helps to keep me grounded and on my shit. That’s the only way to put it. I also admire her gifts and talents, as well as her ability to see people and situations for who or what they are.

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I’d love to hear about the sisters in your life, so we invite you to share your sisterhood stories on SwagHeronline.com. Submit your 500-word or less article to info@swagher.net with the title Sisterhood Story and photos crediting the photographer, and your account may be published on our website and in our newsletter. 


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