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So Jazzed Esthetics—A Walmart Venture into Holistic Beauty, Wellness, and Beyond

Introducing Jasmine, the visionary founder behind So Jazzed Esthetics, a trailblazing beauty, skincare, and wellness brand. Motivated by a mission to redefine self-care for women of color, Jasmine embarked on this journey after identifying a gap in access to natural products. Born out of her dual pursuits—launching a health and wellness business and attending esthetician school—So Jazzed Esthetics emerged as a beacon of education and empowerment. Jasmine unveils the unexpected partnership with Walmart, marking a significant milestone for her brand. As a Top 100 Women in Business honoree, Jasmine sheds light on the core principles shaping her enterprise: customer-centricity, expertise, education, quality, and professionalism. Moreover, she elucidates her commitment to demystifying holistic beauty through workshops and natural products. The spotlight then turns to So Jazzed Esthetics’ transformative Microshading technique, offering a lifeline to those grappling with hair loss. Jasmine concludes with a vital perspective on the importance of using natural, plant-based products, emphasizing their direct impact on long-term health. In closing, she shares her enthusiasm for the future, foreseeing brand expansion through innovation, partnerships, and community service—a testament to her unwavering dedication to accessible holistic beauty and wellness for all.


Christina: What is your SwagHer? What makes Jasmine, Jasmine?

Jasmine: My Swag Her is all about the energy and ambition I exude as a Black-Caribbean woman and business owner. My personality is big, bright, and I have a heart to make a positive impact in my community. My commitment to excellence and servant leadership shows in my professionalism, style, and how I show up and fill rooms.

Christina: What inspired you to start So Jazzed Esthetics?

Jasmine: I started So Jazzed Esthetics to help women experience a new way of self-care through beauty, skincare, and wellness. After launching a health and wellness business in 2017, I realized a need for women of color to have more access to natural skincare and beauty products… so I became that person. While building that business and attending esthetician school, So Jazzed Esthetics was birthed. My goal was to educate people of color about plant-based products and help them experience true health and wellness through esthetic services and products.

Christina: How did the partnership with Walmart come about? Did you ever think the skincare line you started essentially at your mom’s house would land in Walmare?

Jasmine: The partnership with Walmart came about as a way for me to expand my reach globally and bring more value in natural beauty. My products in Walmart’s marketplace allow me to provide natural products throughout the United States and other countries at wallet-friendly prices. So Jazzed Esthetics’ partnership with Walmart is the brands’ first major collaboration and aligns with the company’s value of being a one-stop shop seeking convenience for customers through services and products. At So Jazzed Esthetics, we value assisting our customers with showing up confident daily and providing more access to natural, toxin-free products. I would have never thought my handcrafted products that started in my mom’s kitchen would land in Walmart, so it’s a great experience for me and is one of the biggest partnerships for my brand this year.

Christina: As a Top 100 Women in Business honoree, what principles and values do you embody in your business?

Jasmine: As a Top 100 Women in Business honoree the principles and values that I embody for my business are putting customers first, 6 years of expertise as a licensed esthetician, education, quality services, and professionalism. 

Christina: How do you strive to share the secrets of holistic beauty with the world?

Jasmine: Alongside my natural handcrafted products, I strive to share the secrets of holistic beauty with the world through educational content, workshops, classes, and trainings. I want to help my customers incorporate healthier alternatives for beauty and skincare into their everyday lifestyle with ease.

Christina: The Microshading technique offered by So Jazzed Esthetics is said to transform lives, particularly for those experiencing hair loss. Could you provide more details on how this technique works and its impact on others?

Jasmine: Microshaading is a form of permanent makeup artistry that is offered as a service at sojazzedesthetics and it transforms lives for those who are experiencing hair loss by providing a more full and dense eyebrow appearance. People struggle with various health conditions that lead to hair loss. For example, Trichotillomania is a condition when people cannot stop pulling out their hair. In regard to eyebrows, this can cause over-plucking that results in hair loss. As we age our eyebrow hair thins, and then they’re also health conditions and factors, like cancer, iron deficiency, alopecia, and medications that can cause hair loss. Micro shading is a technique that implants tiny pin-like dots into the skin to create an even or full brow shape for someone who may have thinning hair or bald eyebrows. The shading lasts up to three years. The technique takes up to three hours, and clients receive an instant transformation meeting they leave with a result because it’s the same day service.

Christina: This may be a silly question, but some people may be genuinely curious. Why should we be using natural/ plant-based products on our skin? 

Jasmine: Natural or plant-based products on our skin is beneficial because everything we put onto our skin absorbs into the bloodstream. It directly relates to how we look and feel and correlates to our health long-term. For example, parabens are a toxic chemical that are in many beauty and skincare products. Parabens are also directly linked to hormonal imbalance issues, breast cancer, and many other conditions that can cause women or men to have health issues.

Christina: Is there anything else you would like to share?

Jasmine: I’m looking forward to continuing to expand my brand through innovation, partnerships, and more community service efforts. I want people to understand that a holistic approach to beauty and wellness is for everyone and can be reasonably priced. 


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