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Spiritual Protection & Energy Cleansing with The Regal Phoenix

Spiritual protection and energy cleansings are two ways to begin your spiritual journey. Protecting your energy is vital to your physical and mental health. In a Facebook Live, Sharena Loggins, CEO of The Regal Phoenix, shares how to protect yourself spiritually and how to cleanse your energy. 


We strongly encourage you to watch the video, but these are the items that Sharena refers to in the live. 


When you cleanse your aura, you have a clinging aura and a positive aura that protects you. Your aura will protect you.-Sharena Loggins


For Spiritual Protection:

Protection Incense- to write your intentions with the smoke. To order, click here. 


Black Tourmaline Keychains- to clear the aura, remove blockages, break up negative energy, and point to specific problems one may be carrying. To order, click here. 


Smokey quartz- to assist with improving overall well-being, the release of unwanted emotional baggage, surrendering old wounds, stability, and grounding. It is known to connect us deeper with the Earth. (The shop does not sell).


Tiger’s Eye bracelet- Tigers Eye is used to balance the soul, alleviate anxiety, and restore confidence. While we could not find the bracelet with just Tigers Eye, many of the shop’s bracelets include it. Visit this page. 


Remember, if you are a new customer, use the code: elevate for $9 off purchase


Our homes have spirits. If you believe in spirituality, everything around us has spirits.- Sharena Loggins


For Energy Cleansing:

Note: most of these items can be found in the Smudge Kit or the Essentials Box. 


White sage or selenite wand- to remove negative energy. To order sage, click here. To order selenite wands, click here. 


Abalone Shell- to catch your embers or to place your sage in. To order abalone shells, click here. 


Feather- to guide the smoke (Smudge Kit or Essentials Box)


Palo Santo- to bless your house. To order Palo Santo, click here. 


All items can be purchased in The Regal Phoenix Smudge Kit, but it does not include the selenite wand. 


If you choose not to use the white sage, other alternatives: White Sage Spray or Florida Water, which is good for cleaning glass products and adding to mop water.


Remember, if you are a new customer, use the code: elevate for $9 off purchase


About Sharena Loggins:

After 15 years of selling homes as a successful real estate broker, high-risk pregnancy, and the birth of a newborn baby, Sharena Loggins’s life was forever changed. Now Sharena is a reiki master, crystal alchemist, and owner of The Regal Phoenix crystal shop, a six-figure online business that went viral from Pinterest.  Sharena has turned her decade-long passion for collecting healing crystals and using intention candles into a company that helps everyone recognize the healer inside. 


Sharena created The Regal Phoenix from a place that she calls her Rock Bottom Season. During her most challenging times, she found herself still buying and gifting crystals to her friends and associates who needed to begin a healing process or were starting to explore the metaphysical realm.


Launched on her daughter’s first birthday, November 20, 2018, and amid heavy postpartum depression, The Regal Phoenix was born and quickly placed on hold. Although barely operating for the first quarter of the year, The Regal Phoenix promptly went viral on Pinterest in 2019, and the rest has been history. A true testimony that when you heal and become aligned, you can manifest anything!


The shop offers crystal prescriptions for anxiety, weight loss, fertility, lack of money, lack of sleep, and more. It also provides popular metaphysical supplies such as white sage, Florida water, incense, and intention candles. The products were birthed from crystal prescriptions and rituals Sharena used to pull herself out of postpartum depression, lose 60 pounds, and change her finances entirely. 


Through The Regal Phoenix, Sharena shares her crystal alchemy gifts, reiki, and tarot to help others discover their inner healer, unlock their magic, and manifest their best lives! The Pinterest master also authored an e-book entitled The Pinterest Hack 101.



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