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Style w/ Trysh: DawnRena Livingston

Style with Trysh chats with today’s guest FOREX trader/trainer DawnRena Livingston of 4CG Wealth.


About the Guest: DawnRena Livingston


DawnRena is a self-taught FOREX trader who learned the industry after she realized the importance of learning one’s financial goals and responsibility. After serving 29 years at AT&T, it was thrust upon her to “figure it out” when withdrawing her 401K funds. She was unsure what to do with these newfound financial freedoms and decisions, so she began to do the necessary research to learn about this industry. As a career trainer, Dawn decided to utilize the knowledge that she’s learned and share it with others. She is currently setting up online courses and utilizing her YouTube platform to further educate all who are willing to grow their generational wealth.


Host takeaway:  


I learned from this interview that there is SO much more to learn regarding FOREX and trading stock. Dawn was able to explain the differences between the two. One of the important points that she shared was the importance of investing and leaving your funds in place. Longevity is the best route for a “newbie.” Another point that really stuck out was that the NY stock market is not the ONLY one to invest in. So, my goal for 2023 is to find a commodity in an African market that I can invest in.  



About the Host: Trish Standley


The host of The Style with Trysh TV Show. Trish is a national recording artist and songwriter living out her dreams of hosting a show that helps women realize their greatness. This show speaks to the everyday woman who aspires to pursue her dreams no matter their period in life. Guests for the show include motivational speakers, authors, entrepreneurs, stylists, designers, fitness, and many others. Trish believes that we only have ONE life, so why not live it to its fullest? Her motto is “When I leave here, I leave empty.”


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