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Style w/ Trysh: Jenean Z. Flanders

Style with Trysh chats with today’s guest Wardrobe Organizer Jenean Z. Flanders of “Chic Confidence.”

About the guest: Jenean Z. Flanders

Jenean reigns from Tallahassee, FL, and she’s been a part of various areas within the beauty industry for many years. This wife and mother served as a fitness trainer, make-up artist, and now wardrobe expert.

Chic confidence provides its clients with in-home services, which include determining correct sizing, cut, and developing personal style. Jenean aids her clients in deciding which pieces work with or against their personal style. She also assists her clients by shopping to replenish staple pieces, which will provide up to 7 various looks for each day of the week.

The purpose of Chic Confidence is to birth one’s unique chic style while boosting their confidence.

Host takeaway:  

I really learned a lot from Jenean and utterly enjoyed sitting down with her as she shared her incredible journey. Two tips stuck out with me 1) Value can only cost you so much anything beyond that – you’re paying for the name 2) When introducing a new (look) style into your wardrobe, start out with a lower-priced item and if you end up loving it THAN next time purchase it in at a higher (better quality) price.

About the host: Trish Standley

The host of The Style with Trysh TV Show. Trish is a national recording artist and songwriter living out her dreams of hosting a show that helps women realize their greatness. This show speaks to the everyday woman who aspires to pursue her dreams no matter their period in life. Guests for the show include motivational speakers, authors, entrepreneurs, stylists, designers, fitness, and many others. Trish believes that we only have ONE life, so why not live it to its fullest? Her motto is “When I leave here, I leave empty.”

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