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Style with Trysh: Devin Barbee

Approximately 12 million women in the United States experience clinical depression each year.  About one in every eight women can expect to develop clinical depression during their lifetime.

I Am A Real Barbee is a nonprofit that focuses on women’s mental wellness, empowering women mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. We hold interactive women expo’s annually providing an intimate setting to express yourself and work towards being the best version of yourself. I Am A Real Barbee stands for “I am perfect being me”, I am the best version of myself and I love me.

The I Am A Real Barbee women’s expo transformed into workshops to meet the demand of meeting more often. The workshops are “Not your ordinary workshop”, why do you ask? We interact on an intimate level allowing real conversations and real emotions.

A place away from the distractions of a gathering that will change and elevate you. At this workshop, our guest speakers interact on a deeper level making the women in the audience truly relate. It is not always about being beautiful and having more money than the next woman, it’s about women excelling at lifting other women up. We also do multiple take-home exercises so you can continue to work on becoming your “Best” self after you leave our workshop.

Host takeaway: I really enjoyed today’s guest. Barbee really broke down the importance of etching out space & time in our busy schedules to really focus on oneself. The necessity to love and speak positivity into oneself is the first step. Barbee shared when she married she shared that she had a “side piece” LOL, and people wondered if she meant she was having an affair but she quickly explained that SHE was her own side PEACE and what that entails is that she doesn’t wait for her husband to buy her flowers (not that it isn’t a nice gesture) but when she wants to buy herself flowers, she won’t wait for her husband to do it. She does it for herself. The I Am A Real Barbee organization is an awesome place to go when finding a soft & safe place to share.


About the Host: The host of The Style with Trysh TV Show. Trish is a national recording artist and songwriter living out her dreams of hosting a show that helps women realize their greatness. This show speaks to the everyday woman who aspires to pursue her dreams no matter their period in life. Guests for the show include motivational speakers, authors, entrepreneurs, stylists, designers, fitness, and many others. Trish believes that we only have ONE life, so why not live it to its fullest? Her motto is “When I leave here, I leave empty.”

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