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Style with Trysh: Dihandria Bright

PillowScript founder, Dihandria Bright had recently taken a MasterClass of Sara Blakely, the founder, and inventor of Spanx. In her MasterClass, she mentioned keeping a notebook near your bed to write down any big business ideas as they materialized. So, one night in September of 2019, the vision of PillowScript came to me.

I was awakened from my sleep, and I started working on the idea immediately. Having no experience in the textile industry, I sought help, but no one could see my vision. I faced many challenges and heard many “no’s’” and “it’s impossible” but I believed that if I could see the vision, then I could create it.

Life happened – pregnancy and the pandemic, so I put it on hold. When it was time for me to return to work after my maternity leave, I decided then that I would pursue it relentlessly to become a business owner with creative freedom and have a better work-life balance to be present with my infant.

So, in January of 2021 – I pushed forward on making PillowScript a reality. We launched successfully on December 3, 2021 – debuting our initial offering, the LOVE Collection.

My Passion for Home Decor sparked the innovation that led me to invent PillowScript – a brand that has reimagined the look of the throw pillow.

PillowScript is dedicated to transforming people’s lives and spaces through creativity, style, and purpose. At PillowScript, we curate innovative throw pillow collections that are unique, modern, and affordable.

Host takeaway: I have advocated for always keeping a writing pad nearby. As a songwriter, it is necessary because I hear melodies in many things. I’ve continued this activity for other areas of my life, so to hear that this was the very method Di used when coming up with PillowScript is very refreshing. So many ideas and inspirations have been lost because they are often forgotten and not written.


About the Host: The host of The Style with Trysh TV Show. Trish is a national recording artist and songwriter living out her dreams of hosting a show that helps women realize their greatness. This show speaks to the everyday woman who aspires to pursue her dreams no matter their period in life. Guests for the show include motivational speakers, authors, entrepreneurs, stylists, designers, fitness, and many others. Trish believes that we only have ONE life, so why not live it to its fullest? Her motto is “When I leave here, I leave empty.”

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