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Sunday Set Up: Episode 3

Sunday Set Up returns as Dawn Michelle recaps events happening in entertainment news, like the passing of legendary rap star Coolio at the age of 59. Per TMZ, Coolio seemed to be the picture of health when he was spotted by a fan just a week prior to his passing. Results of an autopsy are pending, and the police do not suspect foul play. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friend. 

She congratulates Kevin Hart for opening his first Vegan fast-food restaurant, Hart House, in Los Angeles. Kevin hopes this location is the first in a chain of locations. 

Dawn recognizes Pinky Cole, the owner of the Slutty Vegan franchise. Dawn Michelle explains how she waited over 3 1/2 hours one day to try one of their famous vegan burgers. She thinks Kevin may have stiff competition with Slutty Vegan on the market. They have a strong following that is unmatched.

She then goes into her tips for the week ahead. She spoke of the struggles with staying on track with healthier eating. The temptation can be everywhere when you live in a household with kids, a spouse, or even a roommate. She provided three key tips she is using to stay focused. 

Tip 1

First, place pictures of your ideal self on your refrigerator, pantry, and mirrors. 

Tip 2

Next, keeps healthier snacks everywhere. If you have a bag of chips for the kids, make sure to have your healthier snacks right next to them. Stack your refrigerator with better beverages and sensible desserts. The easier way to fail is not being prepared. 

Tip 3

The last major tip was to block time on your work calendar. Label it as a meeting, and make sure you make it a priority. 

About Dawn Michelle

Dawn Michelle is a Philly native that spent most of her adult years in New York City. She is a wife, bonus mom, HR professional, and day-of wedding and event coordinator. She previously owned a bakery in NYC, where she supplied businesses like Melbas of Harlem and with her tasty treats.

She began her professional career in 1996 with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, followed by many years with Hyatt Hotels. Her education ranges from Hospitality Management to Human Resource Management. In her 9-5, she has been able to mesh her passion for creating a meaningful experience with recruiting early in career talent for a major manufacturing company. She has recently found joy in panel moderations and voiceovers.

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