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SwagHer Is Looking For Mental Health Panelists For RMM Event

For Mental Health Awareness Month, SwagHer is hosting Reclaiming My Mind, an exclusive event that will provide a safe space for Black women to discuss their mental health struggles, learn new ways to help them manage their mental health and gain sisterly support. We are looking for affective panelists that understand the importance of mental health, and have beneficial advice for Black women who are seeking mental clarity and stress reduction in their lives. Reclaiming My Mind is an event that is designed to be a healing experience, and as a panelist your objective is to provide the women attending with substantial concrete strategies that will help elevate their mind and enhance their emotional well being.

Those that want to be a part of SwagHer’s life changing Reclaim Your Mind event as a panelist please sign up here. Keep in mind that the last day to sign up to be a panelist is April 30, 2022. It is very important to us that the panelists that we select are forward-thinking, empowering, have great tips for stress reduction, can provide mental health exercises and have a story to share! Keep in mind that SwagHer will be holding a crafting activity while you’ll be speaking as a panelist. Please note that this event is May 26, 2022 from 6 PM CST-8 PM CST. While you are not required to stay for the whole event, we do ask that you not volunteer if you know this will be a scheduling conflict.




We are also inviting mental health awareness vendors to Reclaiming My Mind as well! By purchasing our Reclaiming My Mind Vendor Package for just $50 you will have the opportunity to be vendor at our event. Click here to sign up to be a vendor. The vendor package sale ends 5/22/2022.


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