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SwagHer Magazine Releases Second Chances Issue

SwagHer Magazine explores the theme of Second Chances in this issue, featuring the cover story of wealth educator and prison and police reform advocate Sunshine Smith-Williams. Smith-Williams goes deep in her interview with editor-in-chief Fancy as they discuss her life and time in prison and the lessons she has learned that helped her become the serialpreneur she is today. The SwagHer team also tackles different aspects of second chances in life, love, and business. 

Second chances can be pivotal for society, both personally and professionally. Second chances can birth hope or inspire a nation. Are second chances and destiny the same, or are they completely different from one another? These are some of the topics that SwagHer Magazine addresses in this issue. If you have the desire to make or inspire change, then this issue will be the one for you. 

The Second Chances issue features stories about pursuing your dreams and finding love. SwagHer Magazine’s Founder, Francheska “Fancy” Felder, will even detail her personal journey of how love found her. Not giving up because of hardship or heartbreak is the epitome of what this issue stands for. You have to be willing to give yourself a second chance and learn how to utilize your second chances when they arrive. 

Cover story Smith-Williams is a serial entrepreneur, wealth educator, best-selling author, youth advocate, philanthropist, community activist, and founder of prison reform platform Pink Panther Clique. The fact that her achievements speak for themselves makes her the perfect cover story for an issue highlighting the importance of second chances. Smith-Williams and many others in this issue had a second chance at life, love, and business. If you were ever unsure how second chances could create a shift in your life, this issue is more than just a magazine; it will become your guidebook of lessons learned and journeys traveled. 

The issue can be purchased here.


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