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SwagHer Spotlight: Chelsea Speaks

Born in Jackson, MS, raised in Stone Mountain, GA, Chelsea Speaks has become known as The Voice of the People. Being the daughter of a Pastor, her foundation is both solid and grounded.

 With a passion for all things media and communications, living for God, healing, and believing in the power of true transformation, Chelsea Speaks is not only a Certified Life Coach, but she is also the author of “Consequences of Truth”, Founder of Women Are D.O.P.E., and a spiritual paradigm shifter, providing new opportunities for growth, development and true change to all whom she encounters.  In addition, she also earned the title of Ms. Central Florida 2018 while winning a place as 3rd Runner Up in the Ms./Mrs. Corporate America Pageant 2018 was held in Orlando, FL.  She is the 2022 recipient of the Business Brand/Entertainment Personality Excellence Awards, presented by the DCEM Awards, a nominee for Entertainer of the Year, presented by the Black Only Soul Awards, and a 2022 Honoree, presented by Women Doing it Big.

Believing in the power of God, transparency, and armored up with Truth, her passion for transformative motivational speaking was quickly found based on a combination of grit, grind, and grace.  In doing so, she has been a featured speaker at the Stepping Into Sisterhood Conference by Women By Choice, Bella Layor Vision Board Extravaganza, Keynote Speaker at UCF Rosen’s College Graduation Commencement, Host of the Official Florida Hair & Beauty Battle Expo alongside being featured on American Idol Season 5, displaying her singing ability, all adding to her energetic, change-driven, enlightening voice; indeed, a force to be reckoned with.

Having graduated from CSB School of Broadcasting, in 2008, and after interning on the Frank & Wanda Morning Show, V-103, she quickly discovered her calling in all things radio.

After years of working under and for other stations and communications outlets, she confirms, 101 TKO Radio could only be the next step.

With a wealth of experience and wisdom in the entertainment industry as an artist, manager, branding consultant, voice-over artist, and altogether, a radio personality and host herself, 101 TKO Radio has now come to life as one of her overall goals, to own her own station, providing others the opportunity to advance their passions on her platform.

When asked the difference in her leadership skills versus those opposite, she responded, “I believe leadership is the highest form of servantry.  101 TKO Radio, alongside Women Are DOPE, are both platforms for me to serve my people”.  This once more proves why Chelsea Speaks IS truly the Voice of the People.


Christina: What is your SwagHer? What makes Chelsea, Chelsea? 

Chelsea: My SwagHer is honestly my gift of speaking. It’s the way I deliver that makes Chelsea, Chelsea. A conversation with me is all together and always a life-changing experience.

Christina: How did you become known as “The Voice of the People”?

Chelsea: I became known as “The Voice of the People” after discovering that my platform wasn’t just about me being a speaker, life coach, author, radio personality, and Founder of Women Are D.O.P.E. I became known as this once I solidified and showed that my platform was built to transcend the airwaves, empowering women from all walks of life to embrace their unique talents, encouraging them to unleash their inner strength, and seize the opportunities that await them.

Christina: It seems you are THE media/communications queen, Ms. Speaks. What are the top three things you did to become so successful? 

Chelsea: Thank you! I appreciate that. What has made me the MOST successful, first, is my faith and my relationship with God. I’d be nowhere and no one without it. In addition, I also believe what’s made me successful to date has been my relentless pursuit of media and ultimately, starting a black female-owned radio station when others simply thought I couldn’t or wouldn’t. 

Christina: How did 101 TKO Radio come about? When did you know you wanted to branch out and have your own radio station? 

Chelsea: 101 TKO Radio came about after reigniting my passion for radio back in 2018 when I developed my first brand, Women ARE D.O.P.E. I’d gone to school for radio and been given a full scholarship to complete a radio broadcasting program, courtesy of V-103. After spending many years working under some of the greats such as Frank Ski and Wanda Smith, a few years later, I decided to birth 101 TKO Radio with my business partner, Nelson Cruz. 

The decision was made together because we both felt that together we could create the environment that we felt so many were missing. For me, I wanted 101 TKO Radio to be the people’s choice in radio station and in waiting to make an even greater impact on the community, the decision was clear that it was indeed the right thing to do.

Christina: Complete this sentence. My voice is my Power…

Chelsea: My voice is my Power. Don’t play wit’ it, don’t play wit’ it!

Christina: Tell us a little bit about Women Are D.O.P.E. How can someone become a part of the organization? 

Chelsea: Women Are D.O.P.E. is my baby! Allow me to say this, D.O.P.E. is actually an acronym for D.IVINE O.VERACHIEVERS P.ROPELLING IN E.XCELLENCE. 

“Women Are Dope” transcends the airwaves, empowering women from all walks of life to embrace their unique talents, unleash their inner strength, and seize the opportunities that await them. Whether an aspiring entrepreneur, an accomplished professional, a creative visionary, or simply someone who believes in the power of women, these Women Are D.O.P.E. brand, altogether, is the ultimate source of motivation, empowerment, and sisterhood.

Women Are D.O.P.E. wants our women to prepare to be moved, inspired, and driven to new heights by the resilience and indomitable spirit of the women we feature. With “Women Are Dope,” the future is female, and together, we are rewriting the narrative, breaking down barriers, and embracing the limitless potential within each and every woman. Greatness knows no gender – and women? Well, they are just simply dope!

Christina: Is there anything else you would like to share? 

Chelsea: I’d like to share that in August, 101 TKO Radio will also be rolling out the 1st of its kind radio school for kids! We’ll also be doing a live remote in which anyone in Georgia, specifically, Dekalb county, can meet us live and in person on July 29th at StoneCrest Mall! Our NEW app for 101 TKO RADIO is also available for download on all Apple & Android devices!


Connect with Chelsea below: 


Instagram: @womenaredope , @iamchelseaspeaks  &  @101tkoradio

Facebook: Chelsea Speaks


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