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SwagHer Spotlight: Ebony Oh is Planting More Than Seeds at the Garden

On July 14, 2021, the colossally powerful vision of an elite club for executive women, The Garden’s Executive Club, Inc., founded by business and wealth tycoon Ebony OH, will be introduced to many highly empowering women from all across the US. The first black woman to launch such an elite platform in the state of Georgia will do so as the new owner of this said property, which is located in the historically Confederate landmark of Stone Mountain, GA.

Ebony Ormond-Ham (Ebony OH), born January 29, 1982) is a North Carolina native, American business tycoon, investor, executive, author, motivational speaker, mother, wife, Pastor, and pastor avant-garde fashionista. She is best known as the founder, president, and CEO of Eye Listen Empowerment Center, a mental health outpatient clinic. C. Alexander Learning Academy (Childcare Center), Sneakerhead Youth Empowerment Center(Sneaker Design Academy for At-risk youth), and CEO of the growing elite private women’s club, The Garden’s Executive Club, Inc.

The Garden’s Executive Club is a Private Women’s Club for C-Suite Level Exec’s and VP’s, and it has plans for Global Domination.

The Garden’s Executive Club, Inc., founded by Ebony Ormond-Ham, is planting its first power seed in the vintage tourism attractions of downtown Stone Mountain; within a 2-mile radius of Stone Mountain Park’s West Gate entrance. A 2-story, 6,000-square-foot, 2 acres tribute to female executives.

The Garden’s Executive Club will offer private executive coaching, mental health support groups, counseling, access to angel investors, private lenders, grant research, and so much more!


Christina: What is your SwagHer? What makes Ebony, Ebony?

Ebony: My SwagHer is my FAITH. I literally have adopted a life of Childlike Faith. I honestly believe that anything tangible is obtainable, and that which has no substance can be called into existence by FAITH. I’m your modern-day Pippi Longstocking!

Christina: What is The Garden’s Executive Club’s SwagHer? What makes it different from any other club? 

Ebony: The Garden’s Executive Club SwagHer is INFLUENCE. The influence of the executives that have joined forces with the vision of myself and the Garden’s Executive Club has the ability to shift the narrative that it’s lonely at the top. Women have always been powerful, but the strategic approach to drive women of the highest income brackets to the top of the corporate chain will also allow us to make the decisions that will keep pulling women aspiring to scale up the ladder. We’re different because our influence of wealth backs us, and we all know that WEALTH is power.

Christina: Before we begin talking about GEC. Tell our readers a little bit about yourself. 

Ebony: Who is Ebony OH? I’m an NC native and a GA resident. I’m a wife of 17years, a mother, mental health and youth advocate, seed strategist, mindset provoker, former athlete, and an undercover comedian. Known to some as “Three Times A Lady” (3TL), the fire igniter encompasses all of my philanthropy endeavors. I recently self-brokered the sale of my multi-million dollar mental health facility to an Eastside Medical Center’s top supervising physician. That catapulted my life as a seven-figure earner, mogul, and investor. My passion for youth helped me to birth the Sneakerhead Youth Empowerment Center, a non-profit sneaker design academy focused on uplifting and empowering youth. We have been recognized for donating over 200 pairs of sneakers quarterly to underprivileged youth. In May 2018, I became an author when I released my first book Three Times A Lady: The Woman, Her Business, Her God, which features the first-ever built-in 3TL Kickstand Book Support System and to add additional value to my already busy life, myself and my husband launched the C. Alexander Learning Academy, a GA accredited childcare institution, to spearhead the educational and behavioral support franchise of my 10-year-old son, Sir Cameron Alexander Ham’s legacy. I’m not only a trendsetter but someone who will continue to make a tremendous impact in the lives of others for the rest of my life. I’m a giver, and because I generously sow intentional seeds, I believe wholeheartedly that IT CAN’T RUN OUT!

Christina: How can someone get an invitation to join your club? 

Ebony: The Garden’s Executive Club is a private invite-only. Invitations are extended by either myself, our board members, or through nominations of an already existing member.

Christina: How did you come up with the name of your club? 

Ebony: The name is an extension of my legacy, the Garden of OH. The Garden of OH represents seeds that I’ve been able to plant and watch mature, blossom, and grow. The Garden’s Executive Club is not just the fruits of my labor, but the hard work and already blossomed flowers or fruit that have been plucked and planted in my garden with the intent of providing extended reach for others to grow from. I’m no longer empowering alone. There’s a tribe of executive women making sure that all of the women around us never fail.

Christina: Why did you choose to pursue a career in business? Any advice for inspiring females who want to get into the world of business? 

Ebony: Business or entrepreneurship was a path that was destined for me to take. I chose to be obedient to this route because I always knew that the success it would afford me would pull me out of poverty. After 12 miscarriages and being blessed with my son, I was determined to create a life of generational legacy that would teach him the way to reproduce and grow any seeds that his father and I would plant in his life.

Christina: What services does your club provide? 

Ebony: The Garden’s Executive Club provides networking opportunities, business franchise strategies, financial and federal contract procurement assistance, management assistance, grant involvement, leadership development, business seminars, specialized outreach conferences and webinars for executive women, Angel investor and ventures capitalist opportunities, business and person financial advisory services to name a few.

Christina: How do you feel about being the first black woman to launch this prestigious platform in Georgia? 

Ebony: It’s a huge responsibility, and I can’t fault this task. I feel as if this is by far my biggest assignment proven thus far.

Christina: Do you have any upcoming events and/or projects you would like our readers to know about?

Ebony: A reoccurring event that takes place every quarter is our Membership Candidacy Dinners, where our advisory board will be personally sending private invites out to proven candidates for GEC Membership. I would also like to highlight my $1,000,000 Pitch OH initiative that will be introduced in the 4th quarter of this year.

Christina: Is there anything else you would like to share? 

Ebony: Just a word of encouragement for all of our audiences listening, watching, or reading. I encourage you to MAKE A DECISION. You could be one DECISION away from living out your greatest heart’s desire.

Connect with Ebony and The Garden’s Executive Club below:

Website: www. Ebonyoh.com

Instagram: @theebonyoh

LinkedIn: Ebony Ormond- Ham

Facebook: Ebony OH


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