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SwagHer Spotlight: Gladys Bowden

Gladys Bowden is a native of San Diego, CA but relocated to Shreveport, LA, to pursue her dreams and start fresh. She was born and bred in her family’s church and has worked in every position except as the Pastor. She graduated a year early, served her country in the US Navy, raised three amazing young men as a single Mom, and earned her associate’s degree in Paralegal Studies. Gladys is the founder of Sisters Café and the owner of PaperWorksEtc. 

She is a radio and podcast host, a teacher, an author, a conference /workshop facilitator,  a motivational speaker, and all things administration. Bowden produces her own show on YouTube, which is known as a “One Stop Shop” for getting the job done. Bowden is an amazing mom, a loving grandmother, a coffee lover, a frequent movie goer and loves road trips. Her happiest place in the world is with her three sons, Diante, Gary & Milton. 

You can connect with her across all social media platforms. Her favorite quote is by Erin Hanson “What if I fall? Oh, but darling, what if you fly. “


Fancy: How would you describe your SwagHer? What makes Gladys, Gladys?

Gladys: As simple as it is, this was a challenge for me to answer, and therefore I solicited help from those that know me pretty well. My SwagHer is the confidence that goes before me no matter what room I walk in. It is the calm, cool, collected, and classy way I conduct myself at all times. I don’t believe in being judgmental, and I don’t meet strangers. Loyalty, progression, and a positive attitude are how I live my life. I am creativity-driven, and there is no challenge that I won’t take head-on. Tell me your vision, and I will make it manifest.

Fancy: You studied to be a paralegal, so what sparked your interest in media?

Gladys: I earned my AA in Paralegal Studies, interned at the Public Defender’s Office after graduation, and immediately began to work at a few law firms, which became a dead end. I was forced to search outside of my dream career to find a job that would sustain my three sons and me. In desperation, I applied for FOX 6, and after three separate interviews, I was hired. That began my interest and training in the media industry. Media was never in the plan, but it was clearly part of my future.

Fancy: Are you still employed as a paralegal? 

Gladys: I am not employed in a 9 to 5 as a Paralegal; however, I continue to utilize and update my skills which are used daily in a business I started years ago name PaperWorksEtc where I handle things for businesses, organizations, individuals, business start-ups, websites, legal document preparation, podcast production, social media management, event coordination, church administration and more.

Fancy: Tell us about Sister Café Inc and what inspired it. 

Gladys: Sisters Café is a ministry that I started to fill in the gap between those in the youth department and the missionary department. Sisters Cafe empowers, encourages, and educates women while offering a safe place to be free and to be a part of a network with like-minded people striving to be their best selves.

Fancy: How would you describe the ideal sister who would benefit from the cafe?

Gladys: The ideal candidate for Sisters Café is someone who plays well with others and understands there is enough room for everyone to shine. This network varies from estheticians to photographers who patronize and support one another. There is no competition, backbiting, slandering, or judging. We believe in uplifting one another and living up to our motto, “When my sister wins, I win.” 

Fancy: I see the café also includes ministry. How often do you host Meet & Greets?

Gladys: Our women’s ministry conducts meet and greets multiple times a year in various cities. We travel to different locations to network, build relationships and share the Word of God to establish Sisters Café chapters everywhere we go. 

Fancy: I was looking over your website, and are the videos on your YouTube from both the radio show and the podcast or one or the other? 

Gladys: The videos on the website combine all things Sisters Café. Speaking engagements, posts, reels, interviews, and various events are all located on the website’s pages. 

Fancy: What is the difference between the two?  

Gladys:  There is a slight difference in the podcast & the YouTube channel. The podcast is an individual endeavor where I discuss many everyday life struggles and experiences and offer tools to assist in the personal development and empowerment of those tuned in.  

The YouTube channel is a show we film once a month with myself and three awesome ladies who have been rocking with me in my vision for four years. We bring a variety of views to “The Table” and have live segments such as “Ask the Table” and “Product Testing .”Advertising and Sponsorship opportunities are available on both platforms. 

Fancy: What do you enjoy most about your work? 

Gladys:  My favorite part of what I do is getting to know others who have overcome their situations and circumstances. I love to hear stories of triumph. There is pure joy in helping my listeners by sharing experiences, knowledge, and resources to those who are working very hard to bring change to their lives and become the best version of themselves. 

Fancy: Do you have any upcoming projects that you care to share with us? 

Gladys:  I am super excited to announce “The Best Version of Me” EXPO 2023, held in Bossier City, LA, next year. This event will have over 100 vendors,16 motivational speakers, one Keynote Speaker, exhibits, tastings, giveaways, and visitors from all over the Ark-La-Tex regions. We are currently looking for sponsors, advertisers, donations, vendors, speakers, and volunteers. This will be EPIC!

Fancy: Where can readers find and connect with you?

Gladys: You can stay up-to-date and connected on all social media platforms or in one place at www.sisterscafeinc.com.

Francheska Felder
Francheska Felderhttp://swagheronline.com
Francheska "Fancy" Felder is the founder/publisher/EIC of SwagHer Magazine. She is a -Single mother of 3 -Libra - Trapping scribe -Lover -Mental health advocate - Country girl -Proud, liberated Black goddess ________________________________________ Long Bio: Francheska “Fancy” Felder is the owner of Fancy’s Thoughts and the award-winning publisher and editor-in-chief of SwagHer Magazine, a lifestyle and empowerment publication for the Black woman who likes to keep it real in life and business. The magazine doubles as a PR boutique offering public relations services and visibility coaching, and Fancy strategically executes brand campaigns for Black women CEOs, coaches, and authors. The former teen mom started the company in 2010 while working as an exotic dancer, but soon after, her love for empowering Black women led her to abandon that lifestyle. She has received awards for her work as a positive news publisher and journalist telling the stories of Black women and other informative news that the Black community finds relevant, including the severe topics of Black mental health and domestic violence. The podcast she co-hosts with Arnya T.M. Davis, Theories & Thoughts, also continues these conversations. Fancy publicly speaks about her battle with bipolar disorder with hopes of helping others begin their wellness paths. She also shares her mental health story in contribution to the I Am a Black Woman- Next Level anthology, an Amazon Best-Seller. In the summer of 2022, RallyUp Magazine, a mental health magazine, featured Fancy as their cover story, where she opened up about receiving her diagnosis. The McComb, Mississippi native is part of Facebook’s independent journalism project, Bulletin, where she publishes The Higher South, and she was a member of the NABJ Entrepreneur Academy powered by CafeMedia in 2021. The Glambitous Guide to Self-Love, Peace, and Confidence contributor is an avid learner and creative. Currently, she is attending Southern University A&M College, completing her bachelor's degree and rearing her three young adults. Fancy enjoys learning more about spirituality, Black history, and feminism in her free time, along with yoga and walking.

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