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SwagHer Spotlight: Vanez Addison Is The Head Travel Agent In Charge

Traveling can be stressful, and overwhelming for people that struggle with planning out the details of their trip. Luckily, there are travel agents like Vanez Addison who are skilled at taking on the nuances of traveling, and handle those specifics for you. Understanding that the world is in great need of competent and solution-oriented travel agents, Vanez Addison has launched her own travel agency that is designed for the avid globetrotter. Read on to learn more about Addison and her travel company in our exclusive interview with the successful Queenpreneur.

Angelica: Why did you get into the travel industry?

Vanez Addison: I have always wanted to work in a business where I could spend more time with my family, not have to worry about punching a time clock, or if I had to miss a day of work I didn’t have to worry that I didn’t have enough PTO to take off. I don’t have to ask permission from anyone to do anything, I get to travel when I want and the perks don’t hurt either.  This business has allowed me to afford a better life and have the opportunity to spend more time with my family doing the things we love.

Angelica: What is the benefit of travel agents for people that travel?

Vanez Addison: As a travel agent, we are able to get the best deals for our clients. If we can’t beat other rates, which may be found online, we will definitely meet them. We take care of everything that comes with traveling so our clients will only have to pay, pack and go. If there is an issue at 3 or 4 in the morning, our clients can contact us and speak with a live person instead of an automated service. We are here to make travel dreams come true with no problems.

Angelica: What inspired you to launch a business in the travel industry and what are the goals of your company?

Vanez Addison: I enjoy traveling, and it just made sense to get into an industry where I could earn commission on the travel I book for myself as well as clients. The goal of my company is to make sure my clients never have to doubt whether or not they made the right decision booking with this company.

Angelica: What is the most challenging part about being a travel agent and running a travel agency?

Vanez Addison: Not being able to travel every time my clients travel.

Angelica: What are some client testimonials you can share from people that you have helped travel effortlessly?

Vanez Addison: I can remember about a year ago when I did a cruise for about 150 people, the feedback I received was: If we ever decided to take any more trips, we wouldn’t choose any other company to book with. The level of customer service was over the top from the beginning of our trip to the end, and we would recommend this company to anyone who needs to travel.

Angelica: How would you describe the life of a travel agent?

Vanez Addison: This is the life worth living. Time freedom, financial freedom. The best life anyone could ask for.  Making the decision to become a travel agent was the best decision I could have ever made, and I’m not looking back, just moving FORWARD like a B.O.S.S, “BUILT ON SELF SUCCESS” (The FEMALE CEO).

Angelica: Where do you see your company driving in the upcoming future?

Vanez Addison: Helping more and more families experience the world of travel, and recruiting others to become work from home travel business owners for a very small investment of only $199.90.

Angelica: How has COVID-19 impacted your business?

Vanez Addison: The pandemic didn’t really impact the business because there were a lot of people still traveling for business, jobs and more, making it a good time to gain more and a different clientele. It also gave a little down time to focus on achieving bigger and better goals.

Angelica: How can travelers connect with you?

Vanez Addison: Travelers can contact via phone (504) 235-3719 or email:


Google My Business: Imagine DAT Vacation

Angelica: Please provide your website and social media channel below.

Vanez Addison: InteleTravel | Find an Online Travel Advisor For Your Next Vacation






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