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SwagHer Spotlight: Yvette Lloyd

Yvette Lloyd is a Philanthropist and Media Personality who partners with CEOs, executives, and solopreneurs to grow their personal and professional brands. Yvette has spent nearly a decade being the CEO of Fadia Young Women’s Program and owner of multiple learning centers. She has been honored with her own day, named the “Yvette Lloyd Day,” December 20th from the City of Akron, Commendation Summit County Council, and Congressional Recognition. Yvette’s organization, Fadia Young Women’s Program, received many features such as LSherie Alert, Rolling Out Magazine, SHEEN Magazine, Bombshell BLU Magazine, BET Experience, 19 Action News, Madamennorie, Devil Strip,, WKYC Channel 3 News, and more.

Yvette creates such a positive and comfortable space for all the women and men she interviews. Trust and vulnerability are rare feelings that are difficult to experience with someone we have never met before. But Yvette is one of those good people you meet once in a lifetime. Through it all, Yvette had also experienced the death of her husband, James Lloyd, on December 17, 2020. She constantly uplifts and inspires people daily, showing them ways to heal and express themselves through their work. Yvette’s passion is her podcast, and it gives her purpose daily to keep going.

Yvette has landed media coverage in print and broadcast outlets around the world, including the Super Bowl LIV 2020 private party with Dwayne and Theresa Bowe, BGR Fest, Zaytoven Beats private party at the Trap House Museum, I Am Queen Magazine Feature, Akron Beacon Journal National Black Guide and Boss Chicks.

Tammy: What inspired you to become a media personality? 

Yvette: Honestly, becoming a media personality really wasn’t my assignment for myself. I never thought having a podcast would lead me to that title for myself. However, it shifted after the passing of my mother. I have never done anything in the media like this before. It has only been one year and ten months.

Tammy: How did LifeHer Podcast come about? 

Yvette: My mother and I were supposed to start the podcast together. She encouraged me to create a podcast because I have always spoken life into women and young women. For nine years, I spoke life into young girls through my youth program Fadia Young Women’s Program, in my hometown Akron, OH. Having a podcast gave me more lives to reach. Speaking your truth helps others and most definitely yourself first. My mother always instilled in me to “Stay In My Lane.” This has created me always to be my authentic self.

Tammy: What do you enjoy most about the work that you do? 

Yvette: I enjoy having an organic conversation with the individuals that come onto my podcast. Many people hide behind their work or lives overall. Sometimes it’s difficult to be yourself because people really don’t care about you as a whole. They only care about what you can do for them or the work you do. It is a story behind everyone’s actions in life. I am a deep person, so I love to actually know a person within instead of seeing the obvious that others see daily.

Tammy: What type of conversations take place on the podcast? 

Yvette: How were you raised? What was your childhood like? Do you take time out for yourself? How do you get through the pain? These are the types of conversations I have with my guests. We also talk about what led them to start their business and what it takes to run it. We always want to know the end result of someone’s life story. What about what did it take to get there? This is what realness is about. I want to know the person that no one knows during those dark moments or even happy moments.

Tammy: What are some of the most memorable moments in your career so far? 

Yvette: One of my memorable moments was when I interviewed the rapper, Trina. At the time, we both lost our mothers. It was that moment when I felt connected to someone that felt the pain that I was going through at that very moment. We were in tears talking about it. Another memorable moment was with Indya “Icy” Wright; the same day I interviewed her, her mother had also just passed, and she didn’t know if she should conduct the interview. She definitely did, and it was amazing—lastly, the memorable moments of doing a couple of interviews with my husband before he passed away. I am happy to be able to replay those memories I shared with him and the other couples.

Tammy: What is a quote that you live by? 

Yvette: “Stay in your lane, and do you?” My mom always said this to my brother and me when she felt like we were losing our focus. She always made sure our home on the inside was together. She used to say, “you can’t think straight without a clean home and a home that doesn’t have love in it.” So, since then, I’ve been living with that for the rest of my life.

Tammy: What else would you like our readers to know about you and the work that you do?

Yvette: Podcasting has become my passion. It has been very therapeutic for me to keep on pushing. I love helping people elevate in life overall. I also own a learning center and janitorial company as well. I love everything about being a business owner. I share my experiences with people so that they won’t make the same mistakes I have made.

Tammy: What do you want your legacy to look like? 

Yvette: I want my legacy to look like what’s greater than being yourself and living in your purpose. I can honestly say that every mark that I have made has been what I always wanted to do in my life. I want everyone to know that putting yourself first and educating people’s minds will bless your life.

Tammy: How can our readers keep up to date with all you have going on?

Yvette: Follow Life Her Podcast on all social media platforms and all major podcast platforms. You can also go to my website to always be up on what’s going on and coming up.

Keep up-to-date by connecting on Instagram  @lifeherpodcast and @yvetteslloyd


Interview Done By: Tammy Reese | @tammyreesemedia


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