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The Masterpiece Lounge: Nurturing your Soul

In this segment, Chrisnatha discusses Nurturing your Soul: Self-Care for Women of Faith.

Below are some self-care practices and spiritual routines that can help replenish your soul, giving you the energy and purpose to serve your business and community:

Self-Care Practices:

  1. Mindful Meditation
  2. Journaling
  3. Regular Exercise
  4. Healthy Eating Habits
  5. Adequate Rest and Sleep
  6. Spa Days or Relaxing Baths
  7. Creative Expression
  8. Nature Connection
  9. Digital Detox
  10. Time for Leisure and Hobbies

Spiritual Routines:

  1. Morning Prayer and Meditation
  2. Scripture Study and Reflection
  3. Gratitude Practice
  4. Attend Spiritual Gatherings
  5. Acts of Service and Kindness
  6. Silent Retreats or Solitude Time
  7. Mindful Breathing Exercises
  8. Evening Reflection and Gratitude



About Chrisnatha:

Chrisnatha Derosier is a Certified Life Coach, Author, Speaker, and Media correspondent. She is the founder of the Masterpiece Coaching & Consulting Firm.

She is funky, soft, and just plain fabulous! She has captivated audiences at universities, conferences, summits, and retreats. Named the Urban League of Broward County’s “Success Story,” Chrisnatha is making her mark in her community as well as in the world at large. She has been seen on television and featured on various radio, and podcast shows nationally and internationally.

Chrisnatha Derosier helps her clients to discover the Masterpiece within by owning their greatness in their daily lives and business. She educates and empowers her clients to start their own businesses, write their first books, and flourish in their speaking careers.  Through her company, Masterpiece Coaching & Consulting Firm, she helps authors, speakers, and creatives through her online school, the Masterpiece Institute, through webinars, ebooks, and online courses.

This video was pre-recorded on Facebook, but you can watch live episodes with Chrisnatha every Wednesday at 11 AM CST on our Facebook.


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