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The Trucking Guru Empowering Women and Minorities in Transportation

“The Trucking Guru,” Kierra Henderson, has become a titan in the transportation industry with over 20 years of experience. Henderson leads an impressive fleet of 140+ trucks, heads a multi-million dollar brokerage and dispatching company, and has garnered over $100 million in revenue. Her self-made success has also led her to guide over 20 individuals to become millionaires through her online coaching and mentoring sessions.

As a social media influencer, Kierra’s core mission is to empower women, felons, and people of color in the transportation industry. Her brokerage and dispatching services ensure that clients’ shipments are always delivered on time and within budget.

Kierra’s specialized coaching services are particularly noteworthy. She provides personalized guidance and support to individuals who are just starting out in the industry. Her coaching focuses on areas such as financial management, business planning, and networking, all of which are key to building a successful career in transportation.

Kierra has been featured on several prominent podcasts, including FreightWaves, Black Wealth Renaissance, and Truck n’ Hustle. Her dedication to empowering others and expertise in the transportation industry make her a valuable asset to anyone looking to enter the field.



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