Theories & Thoughts: How to Build a Website That Sells


Do you want a website that converts? Web designer Wendy Robinson of Wendy Jay Creatives joins Arnya and Fancy for Black Business Month to discuss websites that sell.  Wendy walks her clients through her S.I.T.E. process before they start on their website. 


S.- Smart

I.- Information




Wendy says, “You may not need a website, you may need a web presence.” Learn more about how to build the perfect website for your business. 

This Caught Our Attention:

  • Irv Gotti talks about his relationship with singer Ashanti and why he does not plan to give her her masters because of his upcoming deal. 
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TAT Question: 

Should you sit around and let your homeboy talk noise about your homegirl?


About Wendy

Wendy Robinson is the founder of Wendy Jay Creative, a business tech strategy and web design consultancy that teaches the “not-so-techy” solopreneur how to build and automate a business online. With an artistic eye for visuals and a brilliant mind for functionality, Wendy understands exactly what a solopreneur needs to present themselves like a pro so they can get paid like one. She earned her way into the male-dominated world of technology and information systems by being a self-taught developer, and then she pursued an IT degree to deepen her

knowledge and expertise. Now a go-to tech guru for women in business, Wendy helps her female clients to uplevel their digital skills so they can handle their technology tools with ease.



IG: @wendyjaycreative


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