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Theories & Thoughts Podcast: 90-Days Journey Updates

If you hadn’t heard about the 90-Day Journey, Arnya and Fancy decided to embark on it in early May 2022, now you can learn more about it. The ladies vowed to work on themselves and specific goals or improve their lives by implementing healthy habits, but it has not come without pain. They have experienced breakups and setbacks, but they decided to stick with it. Hear why they say it was all worth it and how things have turned out. 


You can also watch their vlog updates by clicking on their YouTube links below. 



  • No stranger to controversy, gospel singer Kim Burrell has gone viral again for her rant from the pulpit and someone’s church.
  • Kitt McDonald, the late Eartha Kitt’s biological daughter, defends her birthright and identity as Kitt’s daughter in a video. 
  • A video on Instagram suggests travelers with small babies who partake in excursions leave their babies in the hotel room and watch them on camera while out. 


TAT Question: Would you leave your baby in a hotel room and watch them on camera while on an excursion?


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