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Theories & Thoughts Podcast: Military Spouses

On the recent Theories and Thoughts Podcast, Dr. La’Quita Monley talks about being a military spouse and her upcoming anthology, Commissioned by Covenant, with the ladies while sharing the purpose of this book and the process for being a co-author. 

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About Dr. La’Quita Monley

Dr. La’Quita Monley is the CEO and master personal development coach of LaQuita Monley’s Solutions, where she teaches her clients how to pursue their purpose with a passion for reaching new heights in life and business. 

Since 2010, La’Quita and her husband Ben have dedicated themselves to evangelism and discipleship. Ben’s military career moved the family from Texas to England, and this transition opened the door for them to begin their ministry on an international level. During their seven years living in Europe, the Lord opened doors for La’Quita to preach and teach in England, Germany, and Africa. Living and working outside of the United States enabled the military wife to gain valuable experiences while working with diverse cultures, ideas, and people.

From her work in ministry, La’Quita noticed how people’s mindsets could often limit their success in both personal and professional settings. This inspired her to receive training and certification as a John C. Maxwell speaker, trainer, and coach. The personal development coach would then go on to produce her podcast, La’Quita’s Toolbox, which provided implementable life “tools” that lead to lasting success in life and business.

In 2022, La’Quita rebranded LaQuita’s Toolbox and changed the name to La’Quita Monley’s Solutions while still offering the same speaking and coaching services and continuing La’Quita’s Toolbox Podcast. She also published her first book, Redefining Success: 8 Tools I Used to Develop a Growth Mindset. An Amazon-Best Seller,  Redefining Success helps you to determine who or what has defined success for you and how to take control and define success for yourself. It equips you with practical, implementable tools to help you on life’s journey.

La’Quita’s undeniable zeal for life change is just as personal as it is purposeful. Her deeply-rooted faith and disciplined thought patterns helped her persevere through the hardships of teen pregnancy and postpartum depression, navigate life as a military wife, overcome the unique challenges of living abroad, and rise as a multi-faceted woman of influence. Time and time again, the McComb, MS native has pressed forward, pulling on her inner strength, wisdom, and boldness needed to continue putting one foot in front of the other when naysayers let their doubts be known. Because she overcame, this woman of faith and purpose has no reservations about others’ ability to do the same. 

LaQuita’s life’s mission is to guide, motivate, and equip individuals, small businesses, and corporations to soar to greater heights. | @laquita_monley

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