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Theories & Thoughts Podcast: P-Valley Discussion

On this episode of Theories & Thoughts Podcast, Arnya and Fancy decide to discuss the evolution of P-Valley after the guest for the week has sound issues. While some viewers feel like season two has started slow, others believe The Starz series has returned with the heat as the writers are now giving more depth to the show’s characters by sharing their backstories. 


Fancy also shares a little about her experience going back to school at 37 and running a business. 


While Fancy had never watched P-Valley, she decided she would watch it this weekend. As a Mississippi native and former dancer, she will be doing a review of the show, so stay tuned. We will update this post with the article link once it is done. 



  • Nicci Gilbert lawsuit against Katori Hall
  • The NFL Raiders name Sandra Douglas Morgan as their first Black woman president.
  • Rhode Island senator Tiara Mack twerks in a headstand while in a bikini to get her constituents to vote.
  • Singer Tyrese,43, breaks up with his girlfriend, who is almost 20 years his junior because she is not ready to settle down.


TAT Question: Do you care to know your elected officials party like you?


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