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Theories & Thoughts Podcast: S3| EP 15: Patrice Salmon & Devin Bennett of The Relationship Corner

Do you remember your first love? How was it? The hosts of The Relationship Corner Patrice Salmon and Devin Bennett who were once a couple in their teenage years, share how their relationship’s fate impacted their life. 


-Fancy and Arnya explain the 90-day challenges that they have set for themselves and why they started them. 

-Check out Fancy’s vlog playlist here.

-Watch Arnya’s first video here. 

-Kevin Samuels’s passing.

-Diddy inks a new partnership with Motown Records.

-Ray J. confesses that releasing his and Kim Kardashian’s sex tape was a business transaction initiated by Kris Jenner. 

About The Relationship Corner with Devin & Patrice 

Devin Bennett and Patrice Salmon launched “The Relationship Corner with Devin & Patrice” in 2021.Their experiences of pain, joy and divorce in multifaceted relationships helped birth a passion to share their stories while helping others “one conversation at a time.”Devin and Patrice who are both parents and native New Orleanians, friendship spans over 25 years while residing in Laurel, MD (Patrice) and New Orleans, LA (Devin). “The Relationship Corner with Devin & Patrice” is growing to become a movement that inspires people and relationships!


Connect with The Relationship Corner:


IG:  @therelationshipcorner_dp


Theories and Thoughts Podcast airs EVERY Tuesday on SwagHer’s FB Live at 7 pm CST.

Connect w/ the Hostesses: 

Arnya T.M. Davis IG:

FB: @LadiCEO

Twitter: @Im_a_ladiceo

YouTube: LadiCEO Media 


IG: @mzthangzboutique

Francheska “Fancy” Felder IG: @fancyswagher

FB: @fancythegogetta

Twitter: @FancySwagHer

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