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Theories & Thoughts Podcast: The Real Woman to Woman

It’s the real woman-to-woman talk! What do you know about Girl Code? Do you practice it? Is all fair in love and war? Are you your sister’s keeper? 

Arnya and Fancy have a deep conversation with the author of Woman to Woman: Letters from Wives to Mistresses, Letisha Jackson. Letisha shares her inspiration for writing the book and why she is not ashamed of blaming the other woman. 

This show is possibly one of the ladies’ most in-depth discussions and thought-provoking conversations. 

This Caught Our Attention:

A woman shared a post stating that she was in mid-flight when the guy she was traveling to see blocked her and stopped responding.

About Letisha:

Letisha Jackson

Black powerhouse author, LeTisha Jackson, took her life-shattering bout with infidelity along with her interactions with her ex’s mistress and used it not only to take some personal accountability but through the pages of her recently released memoir “Woman to Woman: Letters from Wives to Mistresses”, challenges all women to do the same in an effort to strengthen the bonds of sisterhood. LeTisha took the most hurtful time of her life, found power in that, and is using it to help herself and her sisters worldwide to return to honoring “girl code” as well as get to a place of healing, loyalty, happiness, and peace. One of LeTisha’s personal mottos is “I AM my sister’s keeper.”

Website: www.letishajackson.com

IG: @letishasjackson

Facebook: @womantowomanloyalty

Twitter: @AuthorYay

Tik Tok: @letishasjackson

Clubhouse: @letishasjackson


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