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Theories & Thoughts Podcat: How to Communicate w/ The Opposite Sex

Want to know how to communicate better with the opposite sex? It’s the topic of the conversation on the latest Theories & Thoughts Podcast, as author and radio personality Troy Rawlings sits down with the latest. But, we must warn you, this is truly a grown folks’ conversation. Explicit language and subject matter ahead. 


This Caught Our Attention:

We are late to the party, but the ladies discuss Stormy Wellington’s viral “low vibrational” video. Arnya has a theory about Stormy’s message, while Fancy has her own thoughts. 


About Troy Rawlings

Host, Comedian, Actor, Speaker and Author Troy Rawlings is much more than

a “Triple Threat”. Troy’s comedy and hosting style brings his amazing writing,

improvisational, and production skills to the masses every time he steps on a stage, or in a

TV or Radio studio!

A self-proclaimed “Entertainment Brat” Troy Rawlings is walking in his purpose.

“I love people and I love seeing people enjoy themselves!” This is Troy’s motivation.

Born Troy Lance Rawlings in Baltimore, Maryland, Troy was a comedian from the crib.

By the age of three, Troy was impersonating his favorite singers and comedians; like

Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, and Al Green to comedians and actors like Jerry Lewis,

Abbot & Costello, Laurel & Hardy, Bob Hope, John Ritter, Bill Cosby and Sidney

Portier. By age 5, Troy was break-dancing, rapping, singing and playing instruments. His

intense love for the arts was evident to his parents but they didn’t know how to hone and

control it; so they never put limits on his gift. Because of this Troy Rawlings brings

timeless, no-limit entertainment right to your face!



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