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Theories & Thoughts: S3|EP6: Bridgette Taylor, Taylor Cares

TaylorCares is dedicated to stepping up its efforts in addressing all opportunities for fundraising individuals living with multiple sclerosis. Founder and director Bridgette Taylor knows what it’s like to live with MS all too well, and that’s why she’s so passionate about assisting others and providing them with valuable resources for their care. Learn more about MS and Taylor Cares in this sit-down interview with Arnya and Fancy.


  • WNBA Phoenix Mercury’s Brittany Griner is possibly jailed in Russia.
  • Kyrie Irving hires his stepmom, Shatellia Riley-Irving.
  • Deelisha and Raymond Santana divorce announcement.

Connect with Taylor Cares:

Website: https://www.taylorcares.net

Instagram: TC4MS

Facebook: TaylorCares



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