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Theories & Thoughts: The Inspiration Behind IAmWife Foundation

Suzzen Stroman returns to talk about the inspiration behind her IAmWife Foundation, explaining how she helps women and couples. In the interview, Suzzen describes learning to be vulnerable with her husband and how they have grown as individuals after 34 years of marriage. 


6 Intimacy Skills Suzzen Discusses:

  1. Relinquishing Control
  2. Practicing Self-Care
  3. Receiving Graciously
  4. Love & Respect
  5. Expressing Gratitude
  6. Showing Vulnerability


This Caught Our Attention:

  • FAMU graduate takes nude portrait in front of the school for graduation photos and says she’s dressed provocatively all her life. 
  • In a viral TikTok Video, an older woman says dressing provocatively puts our men’s lives at risk. 
  • Rapper Mystikal was charged with first-degree rape, battery, and simple robbery over the weekend.


TAT Question: 

Is it time to cancel Mystikal and Trey Songs?


About Suzzen

Suzzen Stroman, a Louisiana native, residing in Frisco, TX, is a wife, mother, and grandmother. She and her husband began their journey to entrepreneurship together by beginning The Brass Effect, Inc., a technology company based in the DFW area. Stroman is also a Certified Relationship Coach and Founder of the IAMwife Foundation, a partnership with proven professionals uniquely teamed to fit the needs of each woman as she develops her vision to run the race set before her with grace, dignity, and respect.





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