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This Coach Teaches Authors to Unlock Opportunities

Alandria Lloyd is known as the “The Author’s Advocate,” who teaches aspiring and published authors how to use their words as keys to unlock unlimited opportunities. She shows aspiring authors how to complete their nonfiction books within 24-hours. Alandria also coaches published authors by teaching them how to turn their books into a sustainable business. She is also a serial entrepreneur, award-winning 15X best-selling author, and award-winning philanthropist. 

Alandria is the owner of a book publishing company, The Writer’s Block LLC. The Writer’s Block offers coaching, consultations, and premium book publishing options. Her company also offers memberships to teach others how to build 6-figure publishing companies. Alandria has been featured in over a dozen publications and has hosted several in-person classes and masterminds. 


Fancy: How would you describe your SwagHer? What makes Alandria, Alandria? 

Alandria: I would describe my SwagHer as really unique. I have a super cool way of describing things and helping others see it from a different perspective.

What makes Alandria, Alandria is that I’m 1000% okay with never fitting into a box or a crowd. I don’t care if others don’t agree with me. I will stand on truth and walk it in boldly, even if I have to do so alone.

Fancy: You’re a 15x best-selling author now, but what was it like writing your first book? 

Alandria: Writing my first book was stressful. It was only stressful because I was consumed with negative thoughts, such as “no one knows me, so why even bother” or thought like, “no one will support me.” That type of negative thinking made the process more stressful than it needed to be. Once I overcame the toxic thinking, it was a breeze, and the great feedback proved that those negative thoughts were meant to be stumbling blocks, but I turned them into stepping stones.

Fancy: What have you found to be the most common struggle most new authors have? 

Alandria: The most common struggle most new authors have is overthinking and shortchanging themselves due to fear of rejection.

Fancy: You shared your own story via our Story Sharing Friday on Clubhouse. Why do you think it is important for us to share our stories? 

Alandria: It’s important to share our stories simply because others need to know that they too can overcome things that are trying to take them out. I share my story often because I know that it will encourage others, but it also encourages me to see how far I’ve come by the grace of God.

Fancy: What tips would you give to those who may be afraid to share their stories? 

Alandria: The main tip I would give others who are afraid to share their stories is to stand up and speak boldly about the things they’ve endured, knowing that your story isn’t for you. It is a GPS to help others navigate through seasons of darkness and despair.

To contact Alandria, you can send an email to info@thewritersblockllc.com or visit bit.ly/TWBclarity to schedule a free call.


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