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Top Reasons We Struggle with Weight Loss

Struggling with weight loss is a common challenge many of us face, but understanding its reasons can help us overcome these obstacles. In this episode of Fit & Fierce, health and fitness coach, Coach Bev discusses two primary factors contributing to this struggle. 

Firstly, an unhealthy lifestyle characterized by sedentary habits and poor dietary choices impedes progress. Adopting a sedentary routine and indulging in processed foods and high-calorie snacks can hinder weight loss efforts. Secondly, psychological and emotional barriers, including stress, emotional eating, and negative body image, pose challenges. High-stress levels trigger food cravings, emotional eating leads to excess calorie intake, and negative body image affects motivation. 

Overcoming these hurdles requires adopting a healthier lifestyle, managing stress, seeking professional help, and developing a positive body image. By addressing these factors, individuals can achieve sustainable weight loss and improved well-being.

To connect with Coach Beverly K. Johnson, visit https://beverlykjohnson.com.

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