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Trump Takes Pot Shot at LeBron James By Suggesting He Play Basketball As A Woman

It has been painfully obvious that Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James and former United States President Donald Trump don’t see eye to eye. That wasn’t always the case, as there was a time when Trump had kind words for James. Back in 2013, when LeBron James was named Espy’s Athlete of the Year, Trump went on Twitter to congratulate the basketball star and labeled James as a great guy.

The jargon between Trump and James took a turn for the worse in 2016 when Trump was running for Oval Office. LeBron James went public as he gave his support to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. A month after Trump pulled off the stunning upset, LeBron James and his team at the time, the Cleveland Cavaliers, traveled to New York. James made headlines when he chose not to stay in the President-elect’s hotel, the Trump Towers.

Throughout Trump’s term as President, he and James took turns taking verbal jabs at each other. The NBA star accused Trump of using sports to divide the country. He spoke against Trump’s immigration ban, and went on record stating the White House visit was an honor until Trump showed up.

During his term as President, Donald Trump questioned James’s intelligence, called him a racist, and routinely made James a talking point at his rally’s as his supporters would chant, “LeBron James sucks!”

Trump has been out of office for a significant amount of time, but during a speech at Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit, Trump used the opportunity to insult James in a bizarre way. Mr. Trump made an attempt to criticize transgender athletes, and then he proceeded to use the hypothetical if he was coaching a Women’s basketball team. “I’m not a fan of LeBron James at all… I don’t like him, but I’d say LeBron, did you ever think about becoming a woman? Did you ever consider, because I’d like to have you on our team, LeBron. But think of it, it’s so crazy what’s happening.”

It’s no secret that Donald Trump plans on running for President in 2024. His verbal shots thrown at LeBron James and transgender athletes may be Trump’s attempt to fire up his base and build momentum for his second run at the Oval Office.

On the other hand, LeBron James appears to be unbothered by the comment as he continues to enjoy his off-season. James posted on Twitter, but he didn’t respond to the comment. James posted encouragement for his son Bryce James’s performance on the basketball court.


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